What are the best shops for women over 40

by Sylvia

Calvin Klein - best shops for women over 40

I see this question coming up a lot and I wonder if there is such a thing as best shops for women over 40. It depends on your style, but I also find that I like to shop in those stores that are not specifically for the 40 plus crowd. What I do find important in my clothes now, is that they are of good quality. I’m always looking for natural fabrics that breathe like cotton, silk, linen and wool, so the shop needs to stock these high quality fabrics.

Some of my favorite shops

Here are some of my favorite shops and photos of their latest pieces from the fall and winter collections for 2011.

Calvin Klein

I just visited this shop yesterday and I’m always tempted to get something. I tend to wait until the sales as the shop is pricey but they offer good quality basic pieces that still have a quirky design detail. This is a great shop for dresses or a basic suit.


Zara is one of my all-time favorite shops as it offers fashion forward clothing at a good quality for a very reasonable price. They offer very good shoes and handbags too. Of course there is a lot of stuff that is not suitable for the 40 plus woman or of a lesser quality, but they always carry fashionable pieces in good quality fabrics. It’s a great store to find the right pants and shirt. Both good for your basics and the high fashion styles.

best shops for women over 40 zara


This is certainly not a typical shop for 40 plussers as many of the styles are young and hip. It’s a great shop if you want something different. Their fabrics are of high quality with a lot of garments in cotton and silk and the cuts are always interesting.

alldressedup good shop for women

Anne Fontaine

This shop offers great basics in black and white. Great for white shirts in good cuts and to find some special high quality accesories.

anne fontaine shop for women

Stella McCartney for Adidas

I’m actually quite keen on sportswear even though I have not shown it much here yet. I play tennis and do yoga and want to look stylish doing it. Stella’s sport clothes always offer something new, are extremely comfortable and fun to wear.

stella mccartney for adidas

I have also created a list of the best online shops for easy shopping!

What are your favorite shops and why?


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I wear a very small size so that limits where I shop much more than age. I think you can and should look everywhere, keeping in mind that you may find nothing or just 1 or 2 pieces that might work for you. I love the hunt! Yesterday a good friend who lives 2000 miles away asked me to look online and give her some idea of what she should try on. I have a talent for finding quality items at a good price. 🙂 My favorite department store is Nordstrom both for selection and for customer service. I love Ralph Lauren for style and because the clothes fit me. I will look at any store in any department though. One of my favorite jackets is actually from the children’s department. Keep an open mind and enjoy the process.
I like the Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney looks very much.


Perhaps you should share your talent for good items with me and I can post them on the site 🙂 Yes Nordstrom is a great store. Unfortunately, we don’t have it here…


PS – I also wear a lot of Micheal Kors and I love Burberry coats.


Lucky you. That sounds wonderful.
By the way, Suzanne. Did you know that you can actually display your picture on this site if you like to. All you need to do is to go to http://en.gravatar.com/ and assign an image to the email you are using here to comment. Hope you do that; would be lovely to see your picture with your comments 🙂


I’m a big fan of Hobbs and LK Bennett, for tasteful, classic, but not-at-all-dowdy clothes. Both do very elegant dresses in particular. I like Zara a lot, too. I actually really wanted that marled sweaterdress from Zara you’ve got pictured in the post, but alas, my local Zara seems to have sold out of theirs.


Interesting. I’m not very familiar with these brands. Will look them up. I agree that sweaterdress would look fabulous on you. Are you sure it’s gone already? Perhaps it still needs to come in the shop?


Please, all I see here is expensive stores with designer labels. Some of us are not in that bracket.


I think that Zara is very affordable. Don’t you think? I know that the others are a bit pricey yes. But I tend to go for fewer quality clothes rather than many cheaper clothes these days…. And I usually wait for the sale. But please tell me, which are your favorite (affordable) shops? That’s why I’d like to hear from my readers. I realise we all have different budgets and many are great thrifters!


I saw the Calvin Klein dress (second from left) while shopping this weekend and it is awesome! My size was sold out or it would be hanging in my closet as I write this. So pretty!

Buckle Button Zip

I always find something eclectic and unique-looking at Anthropologie. There are usually quite a few other 40/50-somethings in there too, so that makes me happy and the quality is very good. The sales rack is chock-full of finds.

For jeans, I’m a fan of the Levi’s Curve ID line. You can find nice dark jeans for under $100 that actually fit.


Thanks for contributing Laura. Great tips!

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