Wearing the trends: yellow – Best finds online

by Sylvia

wearing yellow

Yellow is one of the hippest colours this summer. Its additional acctractiveness is that it doesn’t only bring joy to the wearer but to the spectator too. Yellow works like a little sun, brightening up everyone’s day.

Hopefully the items above will inspire you to add a little bit more yellow to your life!

Have you added yellow to your wardrobe yet this Summer?

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Great collage you’ve put together here! I have a yellow top and that print yellow dress from H&M in my closet already, but I think some yellow accessories is needed too:)


Thanks Nanne. Yes a nice yellow hat or bag would look great with your H&M dress!


Ah yellow — this is really a color I can’t wear. There are only a select few yellow shades I can actually wear — I like soft buttercreamy yellows, and actually I’m OK with mustard. I started trying to work with yellow once I discovered that the orange prohibition I had lived under for years wasn’t really true, but yellow has been a lot harder to work with. Even if I buy something yellow to wear away from my face it doesn’t mix well with the rest of my colors.


It’s a tricky colour for sure and I have never worn it. But as you may have seen I now have a yellow striped top and even yellow shoes and I’m really enjoying the colour. I have just bought 2 more garments in a mustard, greenish kind of yellow. Great departure for me, but I think it may just work. Coming up on the site soon! Perhaps you can wear a different version of yellow too?


Ah.. Yellow is one of my favourite colours. And I agree it is a sunny but tricky colour. Bright yellow and a bit less bright are very good for me. But darker yellow or beige yellow is the pits.
Just bought a bright yellow necklace in Rome. Wish I had bought it in all colours. Does wonders for lots of outfits.
I very much liked the Derek Lam wedge sandal and the words “on sale” tricked me to click through. But the price is still far too steep for me. Never mind, I have enough.


I’m wearing a yellow greenish dress tonight! Let’s see how it goes. Will try to get pictures 🙂


I have uploaded a tricky yellow top onto your Forum. Tricky in the sense that the colour is really not the yellow that suits me so well. Have not got any shoes to go with it. Those Derk Lam ones would really fit the bill. What a pity.

Heather Fonseca

I don’t know if I’ll do yellow this summer or not. It’s certainly everywhere at retail and I like it, I just find it a bit overpowering, coral and red I like though! And green and blue…


You may prefer my coral and red collage then which is online today 🙂

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