Wearing the trends: flowers

by Sylvia

how to add wear the flower trend

Although I personally feel that the graphical trend is stronger and hipper this season (and it’s the trend I will mainly be focussing on), a lot of shops in Holland featured lots of flowers. This is certainly a trend that we have seen on the spring 2013 catwalks as well with designers like Zac Posen, Preen  and Prada.


It’s not a trend I’m personally going to indulge in much as flowers are on my “no” list (more on that in my style course). Despite that, I still own a few flowery items like my butterfly dress (which feels like a flower dress) that I purchased in Holland last year. This was an unexpected success and I still frequently wear it. The flowery tunic on the right is always great for beach holidays.


Although flowers are not generally my thing, it can be a great trend for many women over 40. It adds color, fun and girlyness and can make you lookAND feel  young and hip.

How to wear flowers?

Flowers can be overwhelming so it often helps to add some balance to your outfit. Especially when you wear trousers, skirts or blouses with a floral pattern, I would advise you to combine your rich flowers with more subtle pieces like a white blouse or white pants to make it look modern and hip.

I find that this trend can overwhelm you when you are wearing head to toe sugary colors with flowers thrown into the mix.

When wearing a flower dress, make sure that the colors suit your complexion. If it it feels too overwhelming you could combine with a light cardigan in cooler weather. In summer the flowers next to a lot of bare skin usually provide a nice contrast and a great summer feeling!

Flowers are perfect for warm summer days

Nothing screams summer as much as a nice flowery dress or tunic. I love wearing my flowery dress (as shown above) on a warm summer day or combine it with leggings or pants and wear it as a tunic. Flower pants with a simple top would look fab too.

Want to incorporate the flower trend in a subtle way?

If flowers are not really your thing, but you still like to include some of this trend into your wardrobe you can do so in more subtle wayw.

Opt for a nice belt like this one from Kate Spade.   When worn with white pants and a white shirt, you would really make a statement with this belt and look incredibly hip.


Another option is a nice bag. Clutches are still super hip this season, and this clutch would make a similar statement as the flower belt mentioned above. The Kate Spade bag is both graphical and flowery, so very trendy! The Patricia Nash shoulder bag is lovely too.

A wonderful flower necklace like this one, would also add this trend to your wardrobe. Chic and hip!

Another option is a beautiful flower scarf.

A flower shoe is also a great way of adding flowers. Sneakers are making a comeback so it will be fun to make a bit of a fashion statement with them.

Like to add flowers to your wardrobe? Here are some ideas!

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 Will you embrace the flower trend this season?


P.S. Just a friendly reminder that your submissions for the dress over pants dressing challenge are due today. I will give you a few days extra (as I haven’t given any reminders) so please have your entries in by Friday!

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Oh yes…I love floral prints. You mentioned floral sneakers…I just bought a pair of canvas sneakers with purplish-blue flowers on a white canvas background, a lime-green interior, and ribbons for laces. I wore them just Thursday for the first time and got 3 compliments on them…two from men (interesting!).

Because I’m petite, I don’t go for large florals. I stick to smaller patterns, and usually blouses or cardigans, or maybe a skirt. I have never tried floral trousers. I have one floral dress that I really like. Oh, and the Zac Posen dress above is GORGEOUS! 🙂


Wow, you are very on trend. Sneakers are super hot right now!


Thanks, Sylvia! I’m pretty sure you are the first person ever to tell me I was on trend. I must be learning a thing or two, here! 🙂


Could you post a pic of the sneakers? I would love to see them!


I’ll give it a go, Lorraine. I haven’t tried posting to the forum before…a new adventure! 🙂


As you have probably guessed by now, LOL, I love, love, love flower motifs. Even to the point, that lately I have been telling myself to try and grab something else in the shops then always flowers.

It is hard though, to stay away from them.

You like graphic patterns e.g., and tend to go for that. Personally I do not like graphic designs and motifs, so in general those are not an alternative for me.

So if it’s not floral and not graphic….what is left? Except of course plain colors, mono colors? I have the occasional polka dotted item…. What else? Any suggestions?


Well there are other prints than just florals and graphics. Plus you can play with a combination of both solids and prints. Perhaps try a few brights?


Stripes anyone????


I think Anja definitely does not like stripes. I’m all for them as you know!

Trina Grandinetti

Me, Greetje, although you already know that. Although I just purchased a new shirt from jcrew that is striped with a floral inlay (now who would of thought of that).


I always wore very plain clothes and have been easing myself into prints in the last few years.
I like florals – they make me feel very feminine – but I think they are something you have to be careful with as you get older. Personally I feel that very small prints can look a bit twee (I grew up with Laura Ashley prints) and that larger florals (like larger graphic prints) are wearing me rather than me wearing them. But I will be wearing florals this year!


Yes I think you need to be careful too. It’s all about finding the right balance… Floral accessories can work really well!


So right Lorraine. Remember Sylvia? The dress I had made with the flowers and the big, big, big red rose on my bosom?? Hahaha. It is still with the seamstress to change the front panel for a smaller flower.


Like you, I don’t want to draw attention to my bosom LOL! although, for some inexplicable reason (and close your eyes here Sylvia) I am really drawn to ruffles………..doh!


I always loved Laura Ashley prints. Are they still in business? I haven’t seen one of their stores in 20 years in the U.S.


They have not been doing so well but have not disappeared. Here is their online shop: http://www.lauraashley.com/


Yes, they are still on the high street and I do have a few items of theirs.


Thanks, Sylvia and Lorraine. I’m glad to see that they are still in business.

Heather Fonseca

I love the floral print trend! I especially like oversized flower prints, and have a few in my closet. Yesterday I wore a floral print blouse with jeans, and the day before floral print jeans with a blouse. If ever you need flower outfit photos let me know. I have lots!
I didn’t get any dress over pant shots however, though I did pick up a pair of Capri leggings which I’m still experimenting with. I tried to wear a dress over pants, but it didn’t make it much past the closet. Its definitely not a look I’m used to, andI felt silly!


Great. I will need to keep an eye out for your pictures! Anja just uploaded 2 in the forum as well with this one https://40plusstyle.com/forum/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=469 being my favorite.
Pity it did not work out for the dress over pants look. I knew it would be challenging for some but I did receive some fabulous examples which will hopefully inspire you!


Sylvia you are so right Holland is full of flower items. Trousers, dresses, skirts, accessories you name it. Holland is very big in exporting flowers and plants, probably the biggest. So flowers is in our blood. You name Holland, you see tulips, windmills and wooden shoes. I have skirts, tunics and a dress with flowers, my birthdaydress has a flowerprint, which I already posted. So there will be flowerprints in my wardrobe this summer.


Lots of joy. Did not see them in the streets so much yet, so it’s time to wear all those flowers!


I have flower prints in my wardrobe but I tend to buy more solid (mono) colours most of the time. Why? I don’t know? Easier to combine? More elegant, less risky?
My flower prints items are a waistcoat, a skirt and a dress. That will suit me fine. Don’t think I am going to buy much more, although I don’t mind flower clothes.
But that yellow straw bag you are showing us… SO CUTE…. Love that. They have it in coral as well. Yummy.


I’m the same and will stick to that. I just tire of flowers too quickly…


I do love the floral trend this spring and it will be the theme of my next post later this week. After the long winter everybody is in the mood for colour and flowers!

Your tunic on the very right of the trifold photo is gorgeous!

Lady of Style


I look forward to seeing it!


Annette – I just popped over to your blog and you are rocking those floral trousers. You are an inspiration!


Looking lovely with all the flowery prints!
I love, love flowers prints on anything: shoes, purses, accessories and especially on skirts.


they do make you happy and summery don’t they? I think I should get myself a flowery purse!

Trina Grandinetti

I love the floral prints but being on the petite side, I too, have opted to stay with mostly accessories. Yes, that means shoes. I bought a pair of floral jeans and when I put them on both my son and husband couldn’t stop laughing so I took that has a hint and returned them.


How about returning the husband and son and keeping the jeans?

Trina Grandinetti

Now, why didn’t I think of that?


floral prints are so tricky. one has to have a very discerning eye to pick well. Being on the petite side, I can’t wear certain size and patterns. I think my biggest print is a set of Lily Pulitzer PJs done in palm size green leaves on white background that can only be seen by my and my cat. 😉

Speaking of picking the right floral, one of my favorite bloggers got this post on today. Check out her skirt. That was the kind of floral I’d pick for a dress, a top, or in her case, a skirt. http://atlantic-pacific.blogspot.ca/2013/04/floral-fling.html

Printed pants, on the other hand, has been voted down every time I tried one on. For some reason, i just don’t look right wearing printing jeans or pants, very bottom heavy visually.


Yes very pretty but see how she combines it, with very strict colours on top, which makes that outfit very hip. I would want my skirt to be longer though. I must admit I was tempted by a colorful blazer but I just now it will be such a short lived item…


I follow Blair Eadie too and she seems to look fabulous in everything (I am not going to say anything about her budget because we all know style has nothing to do with money……) but then she has youth and a great figure on her side. I love the print of the skirt – hope I can find similar in a straight skirt to suit my figure.
I was tempted to agree about the floral trousers but I have just seen Annette on Lady of Style, showing how they can look great on a mature woman with a normal figure!


Nice to be young, slim, and having $ and/or connection to acquire new fashion items often. To me Blair is a perfect example of not being model tall to pull off looking fabulous (being proportional and trim helps A LOT, too).

One big reason why I am not investing in printed pants/jeans is that it may not have a long life. Once the trend is over, it may seem dated. Solid color jeans/trousers can go year after year. For now I rotate 5 skinnies during the week: black, dark blue, taupe, dove grey, and washed black. They go with heels/boots/flats and all kinds of tops/blazer/jacket/knits.


I love the florals, but I keep them to mostly top’s and tee’s. I have several in pink’s, orange,and creams water color type florals to wear over white jeans this summer.
and I also love the stripes. have some in cobalt blues, and some in red,orange.stripes,loose flowy material that I wear with white jeans,and white wedge thongs. looks very summery. I love the colors this year. theresa


Lovely to read your feedback Theresa. Thanks for your first comment at 40+Style!


Hey there
I love florals. I will be launching my website soon, so I couldn’t list, and I know I need 10 posts, but the top picture, could you tell me where the floral pants came from?? thank you!!!


It was from DKNYC at Nordstrom but is no longer available.

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