Wearing the trends and shopping the sales: Focus on red and coral

by Sylvia

Shopping for red

Red is one of my alltime favorite colours. It’s a colour that never really goes out of style and it will always add a bit of passion to your wardrobe. Today I will highlight some amazing red clothes from top designers as well as show you some items that are currently on sale.

Introducing Lyst

I’m always looking for interesting ways to keep you up to date of the latest trends and show you what beautiful items are available in shops. As you may know I already keep track of my favorite things at Currently obsessed where you can stalk me and I have now also started a few collections at Lyst.

Lyst is another shopping site that helps you keep track of everything you like. You can follow your favorite designers, boutiques, bloggers and stylists to get their latest updates in your stylefeed, so you can stay on trend. You can follow me here.

One great thing about Lyst is, that you get instant warnings of items you liked going on sale. A very handy tool for me to keep you updated on all the latest sale finds.

Some great finds in red with some heavily discounted!


Will you be adding some red to your wardrobe?

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Red is a lovely color, but I still find it a bit tricky to wear, so I don’t have many red items in my closet. I do have that lovely red dress that I won, of course! I think it’s because you can’t avoid being noticed when wearing red, it’s a color that craves attention instantly, and that can sometimes be a little scary:)


Yes, Nanne. Perhaps bright colours are just not for you. I think your personality type suggested more neutral colours…


One needs to know which reds to wear close to the face.

Deep reds on the blue side work best for me, and I love them and have several items in my closet. I have an old fitted t-shirt (ALWAYS wash colored t-shirts in cold water!) in a gorgeous deep red that nets me half a dozen compliments every time I wear it.


I get the same when I wear red. Everyone seems to love it one me!


I love red and red loves me. All red shades. The ones I should avoid are the ones with too much blue in them. But from coral to bright red, from (bright) pink to purple to orange… I am game. When I looked at my wardrobe the other day I noticed that there are more than enough items in this colour in the closet. Not for winter though, but we will croos that bridge when we come to it.
Reading Nannes comment it is obvious why I like reds…. hahaha…. I have no problems with drawing attention, loud person as I am.


And red is a great colour. It’s it the one bright colour I will always like, no matter what the trend is!


By the way… That Vionnet dress.. Gorgeous.


I know… It is. But I really like the Narciso Rodriguez and the cheaper Asos dresses too! A good red dress is definitely on my wish list.


Don’t want to spam you, but I just uploaded my coral blouse onto your Forum.

Sophie Davis

As someone who is 40+ and who loves colour, I’m loving the reds, corals and oranges. I bought into this look in the UK last year with an orange winter coat and beautiful orange leather gloves (your destination always looks so fabulously warm, the UK, sadly, is not most of the time!).

I have actually taken these colours one step further and introduced them into my pure silk scarf line of my business. The “Sahara” is perfect for getting a colour red/orange/yellow/pink colour shot, without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe. I would love know what your followers think!



That surely is a gorgeous scarf Sophie!

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