Wearing the 2012 summer trends: Prints

by Sylvia

Prints summer fashion trend

1. Kate Spade (on sale) 2. Topshop 3. Asos 4. Zimmermann 5. Missoni (on sale) 6. Cole Haan 7. Kate Spade 8. Easton Pearson (on sale)

One of the hottest trends this season have been the amazing prints. You can mix them and try a bit of pattern mixing but the safest and classiest way to wear them is often in combination with a solid.

Take this wonderful fruit (or is it a vegetable?) skirt for example. This trend was started by Dolce & Gabbana who featured a lot of vegetable prints in their collection. This skirt would look great with a white shirt or blazer.

If you like to go prints all-over it’s always safe to go for the trusted black and white and the Kate Spade dress may just be what you are after. I’m also really liking the printed blazers this season and the pictured Topshop one is a fine example.

I featured scarf dresses before and they are still very much in favor. Wear this Asos one to the beach or as a tunic.

And if you really like to stick to your solids, you can always add the prints with your accessories. The bags and shoes shown are a great way to add some delicious prints to  your outfit!

How about you? Have you embraced the prints this season?

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Heather Fonseca

I naturally tend toward solids, but the last couple years I’ve been more and more drawn to prints. I think a lot of it are the lovely style bloggers I’ve met on the web. So many wear prints on prints on prints and it looks so fabulous.
So I’ve been embracing prints this year. It’s fun but scary! I’d love a pair of really loud print Capri pants, but so far they have eluded me.


I’m the same Heather. But prints are still big the coming season so I’ll be looking out for some as well!


The older I got, the more solid my colours became. I hardly buy print anymore.
The prints of this season are nice, but I will pass. Prints make a garment very obvious, so you cannot wear it much. And next year everybody will cry out: “Oh this is sooooo last season!”


Also true, but there are timeless prints as well. And it does make a wardrobe more interesting…..

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Lovely collection Sylvia….but no. 3 got my attention in a big way. Hope to see you again at my blog!


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