Watching the orcas and sea lions in Vancouver

by Sylvia

Orcas in Vancouver

Vancouver was our last stop of our USA / Canada holiday. We only spent 2 days there and one was spent on the water, watching the orcas. We saw many as you will see from the images, and they were spectacular!


Below you can see a good image of the mother orca and her child. The only pity is that I changed the settings of the camera from 1/1000 sec / 5.6 to 1/500 / 7.1. Pity because I much prefer the images above. Those only keep the orca in focus and the water and background are softer. Good learning!

Good thing I changed the settings back again to high aperture for the pictures of all the sea lions..

Other than the orcas not many images from Vancouver I’m afraid. Except for this image from one of the most iconic buildings there: Canada Place.

We had a wonderful trip. 3 weeks of touring the USA and Canada by car. Superb!



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Lovely pics!! regards from us all


Thanks Kia, I’m really enjoying all the pics and stories on your website too!

Anja van der Vorst

Ook geweldige foti, Syl.


Thanks Anja!

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