Valentine’s day

by Sylvia

Valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Hope you all get spoiled by your loved ones. I must admit that I haven’t celebrated this day for many years and looking at the stats of the below infographic I’m not the only one. I wonder if these stats are representative of all countries…

Enjoy these fun valentine day facts and have a lovely day!

Valentine's day

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?


This Valentine’s Day infographic was created by Warner Leisure Hotelsclick here to view the original blog post.

1 Mary Walker

This is the first year that I’ve decided not to give a valentine! we women are suckers for this love thing.

2 Suzanne

Yes! And one of those 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate had better show up on my breakfast table on the 14th! LOL!

3 Rita

No, I’ve always thought it immensely silly. I really only celebrate (in the most casual way possible) our anniversay and Christmas. For our recent 25 year wedding anniversary, we planted a bed of daylilies and got take-out pizza. Perfect! The rest of the holidays/milestones I ignore.

4 Lorraine

For some years now my husband has given me a heart shaped box of Champagne truffles (the same box) which is labelled as ‘automatically refilling’. I eat them and overnight the box refills. Thankfully this does peter out after a while – otherwise my waistline would be ‘mysteriously’ expanding!
Oh, and this year he emailed me a picture of a bunch of red roses as soon as he got to work. Romantic, huh?

5 Marianne

My daughter send her Valentine wishes on Facebook to all her beloved friends. So I asked if I was included. And the answer was of course. When you are without a partner you concentrate on the people around you that you care for. I did receive an SMS from a friend from the daycarecenter if I want to be his Valentine, and he is gay. In other words the romantic vision of Valentine that I had in earlier years changed dramatically. I can only dream about the box of chocolates from the Forrest Gump movie. Dear ladies Happy Vallentine’s day

6 Greetje

We do not celebrate it, but often we leave a mushy card for oneanother and a kiss and a hug.

7 Jenny

I finally got round to cancelling valentines day this year. I’m lucky enough to have my dinner cooked for me each night by a superb cook and have no need for a card to reassure me I’m loved on top of that!

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