The new spring booties and how to wear them

by Sylvia

The new spring booties and how to wear them |

If you love to wear booties, you’re in luck! This season you can wear your booties throughout spring and summer. You’ll find lots of booties in wearable styles that work well with spring’s lighter fabrics and colors. No need to stop wearing your booties this spring.

Here are a few of our favorite booties for spring and some suggestions on what to pair them with for your own wardrobe.

Peep toe and lacing details

the new spring/summer booties and how to wear them |

The peep toe bootie is a wonderful way to wear a bootie in warmer weather. You’ll also find many open toe bootie styles with lacings, ankle wraps or ties. Try wearing this style with dresses or the popular floral skirts instead of a sandal or pump for a fresh, updated look.

Cheerful spring colors

Our picks of the best new booties for spring and how to wear them |

This season, colors are in. Booties are showing up in a rainbow of hues from dusty roses and subtle blues to bright purple and reds. Spice up a monochromatic outfit by adding the unexpected pop of color of a brightly hued bootie.

And add a bright bag in a complimentary color too.

Perforated and braided leather detail

The new spring booties and how to wear them |

The perforations on these booties mean that they’re lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable to wear in warmer seasons. Try these booties with a pair of the newer wide legged crop pants for an on-trend look.

Embellishments, patterns, and embroidery

The new spring booties and how to wear them |

These boots are not for the shy. Why not try to go outside your normal comfort range and wear a pair of attention-grabbing booties for spring?

Try these patterned booties with a pair of cropped pants and a silk blouse for an evening look, or add interest to a standard pair of jeans and a short sleeve tee for a casual take on this trend.

Some final options

Which spring booties are your favorite?

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