The LA Cat Conference and what women wore!

by Lorraine

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This is the second article in a series by Lorraine Mills who recently visited LA with Rita. They met online at 40+Style!

When fellow 40plus style follower Rita and I decided to meet, we arranged our trip around a cat convention in Los Angeles (see article here)! We have a shared love of cats, particularly Maine Coons, and Rita volunteers for a couple of cat charities. It also appealed to our sense of fun!

CatCon LA was billed as ComicCon for cat lovers and featured cats for adoption, celebrity cats, talks from photographers and cartoonists, as well as everything you could ever want for your cat.

On arrival at The Reef in Downtown LA we were immediately struck by the number of cat lovers queuing around the block and the efforts they had made to look the part.


Rita’s ticket included a meet and greet with well known cat Lil Bub and her ‘dude’, Mike Bridavsky. Lil Bub has a range of merchandise featuring her image, profits from which go to disadvantaged cats. You can even buy sneakers with her face on them!


8bookcoverMeanwhile I took the opportunity to attend a style talk entitled “Goodbye Dowdy, Hello Gorgeous: Debunking the Cat Lady Myth”.

One of the speakers was the author of Cat Lady Chic, Diane Lovejoy, a New Yorker who lives with 10 cats and a husband, and works in fine arts. She set out to show that the stereotypical ‘cat lady’ – unfashionable, unsightly, unkempt, unhinged and unmarried – is not true.

With an objective to “to rescue the cat lady from the hall of shame” Diane has assembled photographs of famous women with cats, from classic beauties such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren to modern femmes fatales Lana Del Rey and Keira Knightley. She hopes the collection of images will show the world that women who love cats aren’t necessarily dowdy spinsters.


Throughout the CatCon weekend Rita and I were taking photographs of our own, and I think they prove that cat lovers are anything but dowdy! From what we saw, they are proud to sport feline prints, fur and ears, and also dress like cats!


The author has also included old oil paintings in her book and at the Getty Centre we spotted an old master of a very stylish woman with cat – Portrait of Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange by Jeanne-Baptiste Perronneau, painted in 1747!


And for those of you who prefer dogs, this is what the fashionable LA dog is wearing!


Do you love cats? Would you attend a cat conference? What would you wear?



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Glenda Bibbero

How fun!! I would definitely attend a cat conference like that. Looks like a hoot and the attire looks just as fun! Thanks for sharing.


Great photos, Lorraine!

Being held in Los Angeles, I knew we would see our share of unique, artsy, off-the-wall things, but I was truly amazed at not only the number of people who showed up for the event (estimates were over 10,00!) but also how many of them joyously sported their fancy feline attire! The woman in the antebellum stuffed cat hoop skirt was something else! Apparently she sells those little fabric toy kitties online, and that was her way of advertising them.

People watching proved top-notch, but at a different level, what the event did to raise awareness for pet adoption and spay/neuter programs, and the money raised for related charities was what it was all about. This, in my opinion, made the event a purr-fect success! 🙂


Typo…over 10,000 attended! The venue was a swirling sea of cat-loving humanity. 😉


I would have loved it. And some of the costumes are fantastic here! xo


I would attend, and wearing black from head to toe, liberally coated in cat hair.


Rita, you are right to highlight the good that events like this achieve. I must admit to feeling a little underdressed and that I hadn’t made an effort when I saw what was possible!


Yes, and I thought I was being very forward-thinking wearing my Vans kitty-print sneakers! Who knew? 😀


What a great event! I am very relieved that those cats on the antebellum dress are not real! I like that you were able to meet a fellow blogger at such a fun event. Isn’t it too hot in LA for a doggy vest? But since when has weather dictated what I want to wear? I love your cat dress.


Oh wow this is too funny – love the effort people have made with their cat loos!

Yvonne from XX

Anne the SpyGirl

The photo of the “stuffed cats” gown with the hipster dad WEARING CAT EARS in the background is all kinds of wonderful. I will try to attend this next year. Looks like fun!


The Green cat ears were given out by the sponsor so pretty much everybody was wearing them, including me!


Brilliant!!! I love this post. And I love cats. I have always had cats, my whole life. My newest addition is a cat who loves me, but hits me (with claws) all the time (poor me).
I love the way women were dressed. Awesome. The lady in the cat ballgown takes the cake for me. WOW… so good!

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