In Holland I snapped up this flower dress. A very high-risk purchase for me as I’m not really a flowery girl. It’s all too romantic and too girly really. Still, I was attracted to this fabulous print, the dress had a perfect knee-high length and had a nice detail at the top. It fit me like a glove and was on sales at 50% off. I decided to risk it.

Sofar so good! This dress is proving to be very successful during my holidays. It’s light and breezy, a bit dressy but still casual, and you can easily pair it with a cardigan when needed.

I first wore it in Haarlem in my first week in Holland when the weather was still very nice (see above).

Later I wore it in Holland again. This time though, the weather had completely changed  and it was cold and windy. So I wore it with pants, knee high tights and my black shirt. This is definitely not a favorite look for the dress. I feel that the dress stands much better on its own. It would probably be better paired with some leggings in a colour that is also seen in the dress if you wanted to wear over pants.

flower dress with cardigan

Then I wore it in Girona, Spain. The weather was HOT, so only very breezy clothes would do. It’s great to wear when visiting a new town. Girona is north of Barcelona and has a beautiful old medieval centre. One of many towns that still has many of their old churches, castles and houses. Girona was special as it still has the complete old wall surrounding the city.

And lastly I wore it in Lleida. Not as beautiful as some of the other towns we have seen in Spain, but it’s very close to a spectacular nature reserve. On this day we were totally surprised by a local festival where people wearing very large puppets marched the streat, followed by many people following with lanterns.

Festival in Leida

flower dress in Lleida

Of course, this dress will get much more wear in Singapore as well, where the climate is also perfect for it.

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So there you go. Sometimes you need to step back a litttle from ‘your style” and take a bit of a risk. Some of these purchases will pay off and some of them will not. That is why it is great to make these kind of purchases in the sale.

What has been your latest ‘risky’ purchase?

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