The best trends for spring and summer 2016 for women over 40

by Sylvia

The best trends for spring and summer 2016 for women over 40 |

This spring and summer will be about prettiness, romance, ruffles, and lace—or at least it will be for the portion of female humanity who’s naturally into that. If you’ve been wondering where femininity went, you don’t have to wonder anymore–it’s back!

And Summer 2016 will be reason to celebrate for 40+ women. Fashion is easier, looser and longer. The new relaxed tailoring is definitely flattering and far more forgiving if there are any parts of your body you wish to downplay like your belly.

The skin tight and constricting looks of previous years seem to be missing from the runways, so relax, enjoy  and be beautiful!

Here is a focus of the top four trends from the runways and straight to the streets, parties and work places near you.


Summer 2016 Trend 1: BOUDOIR

Remember the sexy and easy slip dresses of the 1990s? They’re back but better. Summer fashion takes a cue from your lingerie drawer. Items that are normally worn in the boudoir have been restyled and structured into beautiful, effortless and feminine ready-to-wear pieces.


Summer 2016 Trend 2: FLORAL

In line with the feminine, romantic looks on the Spring and Summer runways for 2016, floral patterns are everywhere. The new florals are abstract, dreamy and showcased in longer, loose-fit dresses with plenty of ruffles and embellishment.


Summer 2016 Trend 3: RELAXED

You’re not out of the boudoir yet for summer! Another trend inspired by the easy, effortless looks of luxury pajamas and lingerie is the relaxed trend. Even the most formal of clothes like blazers are tailored with a more relaxed, slouchy feel. Clothing is elegant and luxurious but looks effortless.

The secret to the relaxed trend is all in the layering and fit of your clothes. Long and loose is key, topped with an easy cardigan, vest or jacket for effect. It’s a perfect time to read How to Look Effortlessly Chic for ideas on how to pull off this look.


Summer 2016 Trend 4: SPANISH

If you want to add a little sexy to your look this summer, try the favorite trend for 2016 fashion: Spanish style. All that romanticism, the ruffles and the flowers you will be seeing are quintessential to Spanish style. When dressing this Summer, imagine you are about to go out into the streets of Sevilla. Some ways to achieve this look are:

  • Wear red, black and white.
  • Add a fringe accessory.
  • Wear a ruffled top or dress. A ruffled white blouse is the perfect new summer item to have.
  • A long flowy skirt can give you a Spanish look.
  • Off the shoulder tops are sexy and Spanish-inspired.

Other spring and summer trends include: stripes, suede, off-the-shoulder looks, flat mules, pleats, fringe and plaid.

Summer 2016 will be a great time to feel comfortable, look good and feel extremely feminine.

For many of my favorite looks from the runway, check out my summer 2016 trends Pinterest board.

What looks are you most excited to try for this summer?


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1 Sabina @Oceanblue Style at Manderley

Thanks for sharing. Have always loved Vivienne Westwood and the Gucci thing this year is my total favorite. Sabina


2 Elaine

With the exception of the Gucci dress these trends are all bad news for me. Will stick with classic lines and more fitted clothes saving the lingerie for the boudoir!


3 Mary Michele

Elaine, while at first glance it may look as if all the trends are wrong for you, I’d like to invite you to see them differently. I have many clients who are classic, but I encourage them to find subtle ways to bring the trends in ever so slightly, just to give their look a fresh and on-trend edge. Consider carrying a floral print handbag, wearing a tank that has subtle lace trim or swapping out your classic trousers for a pair of the new ‘modern fit’ pants. If none of those appeal to you, then find ways to bring in some of the hot colors of the season in tops, jewelry, scarves, etc. and rock whatcha got! Take a peek at an article I just wrote on color and how to wear it! Enjoy!


4 Greetje

Agree with you Elaine. It is going to be tough to incorporate some trendiness into our more fitted clothing style.


5 Elaine

The spring colors, pink and blue, are trends I may try out. Pastels have always been trouble for me because of my skin tone but the two Pantone spring shades work well and warm up my skin. Yay!


6 Rita

I really like the Vivienne Westwood dress. A shirt-style dress but more relaxed.


7 Elaine

I like that one too Rita. The print is understated and the shorter length more practical for some of us.


8 Sheela Goh

I’m completely head over heels in love with the Gucci collection for SS2016. The colours. That air of delicacy and fragility. All those embellishments. Enough to drive a not-so-closet magpie like myself completely delirious with delight 🙂 xoxo


9 olika

Thank’s for sharing!
Love your S 2016 Pinterest board!


10 beate

thanx for collecting this for us!
i´m totally happy that the body con style ist gone! love the flowery fabrics and the idea of boudoir inspiration!!


11 Greetje

Very nice, such a wrap up. I am up to date again. I need to save some money this year. As I don’t like a lot, this might be the year I do actually save something.
The slouchy look I find very appealing, but is oh so tricky. I love your slouchy tan pants with that structured cream top.


12 Ishita Joshi

Feminine, classy and glamorous look! I’m loving your dress, it’s simply perfect! Fashion can often take a back seat from June to August


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