The best sweaters on sale now!

by Sylvia

Best sweaters on sale now |

If there’s one thing clear about the trends for fall 2014, it’s that sweaters will be everywhere.

They were worn with wide pants, skinnies, straight skirts, swirling skirts, under jackets etc. To see some examples, just check out my fall 2014 trends board.

So if it’s still cold where you are, you may as well get ready for this sweater season now that a lot of them are on sale. You could wear the sweater now and enjoy something new and then have it ready for next fall!

Here are some of my favorite jumpers currently on sale now.

Do you like sweaters? Are you looking forward to wearing them a lot next season?


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Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

So many nice choices here. I wish we had a longer sweater season here in Florida – I can’t justify owning more than a handful.


I love sweaters, especially big chunky ones – but I don’t understand why they don’t make women’s coats that will fit over them. I am left with deciding whether to wear my sweater and not a coat or wearing a coat and carrying my sweater until I get to work…it shouldn’t be that difficult :(. I see lots of women in line for coffee in the morning with the same dilemma.


Yes finding a coat that is wide enough to fit over jumpers can be a challenge, but they are there. You will just need time to find them……

kay kerns

I will definitely be looking for some new (or new to me) sweaters especially cardigans or sweater coats

Kate McIvor

Sylvia — I love these posts and how I can see the price when I hover over the photo. I have 2 daughters who are about to enter the work world so I am trying to build their wardrobes. 🙂

Pinker Please

I love all of them!!
Love from Marbella (Spain)


I love wearing sweaters but have to be very careful choosing the right ones. Just normal straight sweaters look aweful on an inverted triangle body. But I get by.

Lisa M

I really like the red wrap sweater by Le Chateau. Wraps look good on me, and the low belt is good for my short-upper body. I just hate buying things by mail.


In countries with cold winters we simply HAVE TO like sweaters. The only real alternative I see is blouse/shirt/tunic with blazer or cardigan (I prefer cardigans).


I love sweaters! And they were all over the runways of the F/W14 collections worn over every type of silhouette so I think they will be very popular next season. Am I looking forward to wearing them then? That is a funny question as it is looking like I may just have to wear them 365 days this year. Our temperature this morning was minus 11 – and that was not the wind chill but the real deal. It is hard to imagine that warm weather will ever arrive. But I have been buying sweaters at the sales and can wear them now and still plan some different looks for next September. I have a bright yellow cashmere one on a “wish list” that might have to come live with me and serve as my sunshine. 🙂
Here is something else that is warming my heart – 68 year old Charlotte Rampling is the next face of Nars cosmetics (a very nice line!) and 64 year old Jessica Lange is the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty. I can’t wait to see their ads!


Yes those brands hiring these models is good news. But I’m not cheering yet. First I need to see if they actually look like themselves, wrinkles and all and that they have not been photoshopped to look like 30+ ers!


I love jumpers (as we say in the UK) and jumper dresses and have quite a lot. This winter has been so mild (sorry USA peeps) that I haven’t really worn my chunkier ones but I love fine knits too!


Yes, I was thinking what to call them as I use the word jumper more often than sweater myself (or as we say in Dutch trui, now try to pronounce THAT and no it’s not the same sound as true). But I have more american than english readers so ‘sweater’ wins!


I think my US ‘cousins’ use the word ‘jumper’ for school pinafores or something weird! As for ‘pants’…I’m not going to go there!

Rita A.

Oh yes, I will be wearing sweaters and have picked up a few more that have gone on sale that I’ve already worn (we’re getting another foot of snow tomorrow, 3 March, and more super cold air during the week). I usually wear finer knits. I especially like merino wool cardigans (the tight weave always gives them a polished look, I think, and they are warm without being bulky) and cashmere pull-overs/jumpers. I just got some transition pull-overs to wear into spring that are mostly a fine-guage cotton with a little cashmere mixed in and they’ve been great for 40-50 degrees F with a tee or blouse underneath. Since I’m petite, I avoid chunky sweaters, even though they are certainly warm.

I do think it’s funny that this is a trend. What else do people wear in cold weather?


Jackets or shirts or cardigans are some options. But next fall the sweater seemed to be in the spotlight. You normally don’t see that many sweaters featured on runways, but now they were everywhere. In all kinds of colors and knits, but especially chunky ones. I think they are especially hip with straight skirts worn with booties!

Rita A.

I guess I have a slightly broader definition of sweater, in that I include pull-overs, cardigans, and even a little jacket if it’s a knit. Jackets and blouses are just not warm enough for me when the temperatures start going below 50F. Even in the summer, I always have my trusty cotton cardigans on. Everything is so over air-conditioned inside. I always say I can’t wait for hot flashes so I can take my sweater off! LOL!


Be careful what you wish for Rita!


I like fine knits too Rita – they are more flattering. To be honest I could do without the bulk of these huge chunky knits, even if they are fashionable. In cold weather it’s better to have something you can layer. Stay warm!

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