The best items on sale this week!

by Sylvia

The best items on sale this week!

This week sites like H&M and Farfetch are on sale, here are some of my favorites!

Have fun with color!

A great way to style an outfit is to play with colors and to add some accessories to it!

great fashion items on sale |

Here are some ideas for flowy and cool tops to wear this summer:

tops on sale

As for dresses, you can instantly put together a fresh look with dresses that have an interesting pattern, a beautiful solid color, or a mix of both!

fashionable dresses on sale


You can find more fabulous pieces in our boutique below and you may also visit H&M and Farfetch for more.

1 Jodie filogomo

Wow…good timing as Nancy & I are going shopping at H & M in an hour!! I’m sure you’ll see all of her new purchases on the blog soon!!

2 Caroline

A new report from The Asia Floor Wage Alliance outlines specific human rights and workplace violations discovered in H&M supplier factories in India and Cambodia despite the company’s numerous public commitments towards improving their treatment of workers across their supply chain. H&M’s questionable business ethics have just been raised yet once again at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The majority of garment workers are women. Why would any woman support the slave labor of other women by purchasing from unethical companies?

3 Sylvia

Yes that is definitely a concern. This is a difficult topic as I’m sure not only H&M is involved and it’s not always the case that when a companies products are more expensive, their workers are paid better. I will keep an eye on this and will stop promoting any products from H&M from now on.

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