The best fall 2016 accessory trends

by Sylvia

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40 |

Accessories are absolutely key and were a big part of my style transformation. They can make or break an outfit and are a significant element of Fall 2016 style trends.

From classic pearls (which received creative makeovers across runways) to animal print belts, there are a number of playful and chic accessory trends to really take your look from drab to fab.

In today’s article, we dive into ten trends we picked up from the Fall 2016 runways that are easy to integrate into your wardrobe (or simply remind you to dust off some items you haven’t been wearing) and breathe new life into your look.


The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Pearls |

The accessory mantra for fall and winter seemed to be an emphasis on drawing attention with classic pieces that had an extravagant and larger than life edge. Pearls definitely fell in this category as they graced everything from multilayered strands to gorgeous statement rings.

Maison Margiela showed a low key approach with a single strand (and other more raw and simplistic pieces).

Fur Scarves, Stoles, and Wraps

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Fur scarves, wraps, and stoles|

Fur was everywhere for Fall. One of the most decadent and classic looks, fashion houses presented a variety of fur scarves, stoles, and wraps. The flexibility of Banana Republic’s stoles (from wraparound to effortless over the shoulder styling) were a very achievable approach to the style.

Earthy Pieces

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Earthy quartz and bohemian inspired by givenchy |

With a boho chic foundation, a number of designers presented seemingly unique, raw, and earthy pieces with looks ranging from classic and refined to flowy and bohemian.

While large and bold necklaces (as presented by Givenchy) add an unexpected element to looks, less bold options (like Bottega Veneta‘s bracelets) were also a prominent option.

Animal Print Belt

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Animal print belt , snakeskin, and leopard printed accessories |

It should come as no surprise that animal print belts play such a dominant role in Fall 2016 looks. Animal print shoes and clothing pieces (especially snakeskin) were quite prevalent on the runways, and belts followed suit.

Blumarine offered a more subdued approach to the trend which showcased its everyday appeal, while Jeremy Scott (and others) created a more extravagant and bold approach with the accessory.

For more tricks and tips on wearing belts, take a look at our article on how to wear a belt.

Showstopping Gloves

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Leather gloves by Alexander McQueen |

Gloves are always going to be a classic Fall and Winter mainstay. However, the slight edge to this look was the pairing of brighter and bolder hues (or supple brown leather shades) with a variety of looks (much like Oscar de da Renta’s berry shade).

As the temperature begins to drop and you find yourself reaching for the gloves, I recommend our article on stylish ways to wear gloves.

Crossbody Bags

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Crossbody bags |

Another past season resurgence, crossbody bags are still on trend. They were made more appropriate for Fall with somber tones and heavier materials that showcased a more luxe and fall-ready approach. Sizes ranged from smaller bags to larger bags that carried more weight.

Statement Chokers

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Statement necklace choker accessories by Balmain and McQueen Fall 2016 trends |

A carryover from the Spring, chokers of all styles made it onto the runways. Very much a throwback to the 90’s, it seems that Fall designers took an even more extravagant and larger than life approach to the style.

They definitely were a statement making piece (although the more simplistic and raw styles from fashion houses like Maison Margiela offered a chic and understated approach to the look).

Scarves Galore

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Scarves by Banana Republic|

Another classic piece that received significant attention was the scarf. From a shorter silk knotted approach to extra long interpretations, scarves were a defining piece for bringing in a contrasting hue or print.


The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Brooches by Maison Margiela |

Brooches appeared on numerous runways in a plethora of ways. From traditional pearl pieces worn on the lapel to more artistic and ornate pieces (like Luisa Beccaria’s), brooches added a chic highlight to both casual and dressy looks.

Use this accessory to craft a unique look!

Duster Earrings

The best fall 2016 accessory trends for women over 40: Long duster earrings |

Very long earrings (that lightly or fully “dust” your collar and shoulder) provided some of the best craftsmanship when it came to jewelry trends for Fall 2016.

In line with the attention-drawing theme of Fall accessories, duster earrings can be either worn as heavy pieces or very light and thin pieces.

One helpful note when it comes to the duster earring trend: go with an unfussy collar. With the earrings length, a more complex collar could create opportunities for your earrings to both lose their emphasis and get caught (which is a very painful challenge for your ears).

For more on how to wear accessories I recommend my article on how to complete your outfits with accessories or my accessories course for a more customized approach to finding the best accessories to flatter your body shape and style.

What accessories do you have your eye on this fall? What are some of your all time favorite pieces?


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1 Esther

Thanks for summarizing and simplifing the trends in accesories. I wear simple and modern clothes and express my personality through jewelry and accesories from all over the world.
Keep Up the good work,
a fan from the other side of the world Puerto Rico, Caribbean.


2 Sylvia

Thank you so much Esther. Great to know you found this helpful!


3 Melanie

Bold gloves, super-long pearls, and chokers. Oh yes, I’m glad they are on trend now because I’ll be able to find them and can probably afford to buy a few items new without breaking the bank! Thanks for the roundup, Sylvia.


4 Sylvia

I think these trends are right up your alley Mel!


5 Greetje

Great article. Even though it made me very greedy haha. And I still have a lot of fashion articles already in my closet: animal print belt and shoes, fur (fake) stuff, brooches by the dozen. Looking good.


6 Sherry Edwards

My most favourite accessories are always scarves and of course earrings. Although I do like more noticeable earrings I don’t prefer them during autumn and winter. I feel that with a hat, coat collar and scarf everything is always getting tangled up. I haven’t yet figured out a graceful way to become untangled, ha! ha!


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