The best coats for fall – 120 options to choose from!

by Sylvia

The best coats for fall |

For many (depending on where you live), the perfect fall coat can fall into one of two categories. On one hand, it has to be a transitional piece that is not too heavy or too light. Capable of taking on the slightly crisp mornings and evenings without causing you to overheat.

On the other hand, fall weather for many can be very chilly and a heavier coat is needed to carry you through winter-like mornings and evenings. As always, don’t feel that because the days are getting shorter and darker, that you have to give in to the somber tone. Celebrate with color and embellishments to really add a little more delight to your outerwear selections.

In today’s post, we pull from the runways and highlight over 120 of the best fall coats that fit the true nature of a transition piece or are heavy enough to carry you through the winter months.


Whether you let the belts hanging loose in a askew but chic look, tie them right at the center, or get creative with an off-center tie, belted coats and jackets are a classic piece.

Style tip: When belting short coats or jackets, make sure the jacket is well fitting and sleek. Any additional material will create a bulkier silhouette, which might not be the most flattering look.

The best coats for fall: belted trench coats|

Cape Style

Capes are still the rage this fall and instantly upgrade your look (from sheath dresses to your most distressed jeans). Take a glance at a capsule challenge I did around capes and ponchos for additional inspiration.

Style tip: Select a solid colored cape (such as a camel wool cape) and pair it with an all black bottom. The look is an easy color blocking scheme that looks minimalist and also elongates the frame.

The best coats for fall: cape styled coats |

Field/Utility Style and Parkas

Utility style jackets and parkas are the epitome of not overthinking your outerwear. If you’re looking to keep it casual, go with well fitting jeans or leggings that complement your coat or jacket of choice. A skin tone complimenting shade (the army green is one option), instantly gives off a casual chic look that is hard to miss.

Style tip: To amp up your look, pair your parka with select luxe pieces (like tailored slim/straight leg black pants and eye catching shoes).

The best coats for fall: chic neutral and olive parkas |


Fur stoles, fur on shoes, fur on gloves, fur coats, fur was absolutely everywhere for fall. If you are feeling creative and experimental, select a bright and bold hue or go with a patterned look (such as the black and cream gem below).

Style tip: If you like the idea of fur but aren’t feeling too bold, go with a neutral shade (or the black and white stripes below) in a classic cut that will last you season after season.

The best coats for fall: stylish fur coats for Fall 2016 |


You see it often (especially when it comes to dresses and skirts), but jacquard coats and jackets are great fall transitional pieces. Jacquard pieces are fabulous in that they offer intricate and fascinating patterns (even on solid colored pieces)  and almost always offer a sleek look.

Style tip: Test out the metallic tones of the season by opting for a metallic jacquard coat.

The best coats for fall: Jacquard coats |

Menswear Inspired

An oversized or menswear inspired piece can (believe or not) make your look more polished. The classic cuts (and in many ways the neutral hues) have a way of pulling a look together with very minimal effort.

Style tip: With such classic and masculine cuts, do not be afraid to create a flattering contrast by selecting very feminine pieces to accompany your cut, or selecting a menswear inspired piece in fascinating prints and shades.

The best coats for fall: menswear inspiread and adrogynous styled coats |

Open Front

Is there anything easier than an open-front coat or jacket? No buttoning, no tying, no snapping, no additional effort to get it on. This ease naturally lends itself to the look. Whether you select a waterfall style, such as the Gerard Darel piece below, or go with an embellished look, such as the Topshop duster below, your options are pretty limitless in this style.

Style tip: If you select a waterfall style or heavily embellished piece, keep the look from being too bulky or busy by selecting a bulk-free top or dress to go under your coat.

The best coats for fall: chic open-front coats picks |


Another fall runway mainstay are puffer coats. Their name does an ample job of describing them–they’re puffy. From very matte to super shiny finishes, puffers are coming in all shapes, sizes, and lengths. On thing about them, they are definitely built for the cold, so keep that in mind as you go after the look (there are lighter versions on the market, but most are engineered for colder weather).

Style tip: Belt it and go for a monochromatic look if you want to keep the whole ensemble as figure flattering and lengthening as possible.

The best coats for fall: puffer coats and outerwear |


Sleeveless coats and jackets seem to be almost counterintuitive when thinking about keeping the chill away. However, achieving the sleeveless outerwear look while keeping warm is possible. The goal here is to make sure you select pieced underneath that do a great job of keeping you warm without adding bulk (think cashmere or thinner wool pieces)

Style tip: Embrace the sleeveless look by creating a new style every time you wear it. Think of your sleeves as an interchangeable aspect of your look. More so, you can dress up the look with luxe cashmere turtlenecks or opt for a dressed down sweater-like sleeve.

The best coats for fall: sleeveless wool coats |


Yes, the material and coat style reminiscent of the 70s was another runaway hit. What was enjoyable, however, were the diversity of styles, cuts, and shades that hit the runway.

Style tip: If you would like a boho-light look, go for a fringed suede coat in a black shade. The fringe isn’t as striking, but you still get a bit of the boho edge.

The best coats for Fall: chic suede and 70's inspired coats for Fall 2016|

What coats caught your eye? What type of fall outerwear do you need in your part of the world?


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Thanks for the excellent summary article. Coming from a cold climate I have a variety of fall/winter coats including puffers – short and long, suede – jacket, cape, duster, short trench, and wool 3/4. This year I would like to update my dressier options with a long trench or menswear style in petite lengths of course!



Sounds like a good plan Elaine!



I was looking through this post on my iPhone, as to avoid too much temptation. I still have some egg shape coats. Are they “out”? And I was looking for the shorter sleeves coats. The ones which require ling gloves. They probably didn’t make it because of being impratical.



Did not see many of either when I browsed Harrod’s recently. Most prominent were very textured and printed coats. Also saw some amazing double size fleeze coats that you belt in the middle.



Like my beloved lime duster coat?



Similar but in a thicker fabric and double side so it gave a wonderful colorblock effect.


Sherry Edwards

I just bought a new puffer parka. In black of course, they only came in black. So far I am enjoying it but not fun to drive in. Also, I just bought an old style knee length coat. Again in black of course. It has a fur collar and cuffs. I like it because it looks old European to me. I’m only going to wear this coat for church.


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