The best coats for fall and winter

by SylviaVDL

Best fall winter 2012 coats

Last year I urged you all to get a colourful coat for winter and my position on that has not changed one bit. I was reminded of it again on my recent visit in Australia where the streets were covered in black. The fall and winter seasons definitely need more colour and what better way to do it with a colourful modern winter coat?

The examples above are seriously drool worthy. I know that they are very pricey, but don’t you just love the Michelle Mason colour block coat with soft leathers arms?

Luckily there are plenty of affordable winter coats as well, like the ones below from Calvin Klein, Modcloth, Mango and Karen Millen.

affordable winter coats

Here are some more wonderful coats I found that you can buy in shops right now!

Which one is your favorite?

1 traceyliz65

I totally embraced colored coats and have a red, burgundy, purple and even fuchsia. I don’t even own a black one anymore. Instead of black I have grey and navy. Wish it would get cold enough here soon to start wearing them…..

2 Sylvia

I know. There are so many beautiful coats out there now. Such a pity I can never wear them.

3 Greetje

I regret not having bought a coat from Mart Visser this fall. They were in red and green. The thing is, I am a practical Dutch person. And the sleeves nowadays are so tight you cannot wear a jacket underneath it. Which I do a lot in winter. Also the coats, like many of the ones you have shown, are above the knee and I want one that is below the knee. I have many lovely coats: an off-white A line and a fake fur A-line black one (present from Anja). But A-line is not really in fashion, is it? I also have a pretty short coat in red with black to which I will hang on to no matter what fashion. But as it is short I cannot use it a lot. Etc etc. I used to have a great red parka jacket with a hood which had a fur rim. Worn it for years. Bought it in the sale on December 31 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon (shops closed at 4.30). Reduced by 75%, which was quite necessary as it was extremely expensive. I would love to have another one like it.

4 Sylvia

It is certainly very wise to choose a coat that can be worn over a blazer in Holland, so I think you made the right choice. Hopefully you will be able to find another great coat!

5 Marianne

I have a lot of coats my sister gave me when she closed the shop she had for 30 years. But they all have buttons and I cann’t handle buttons. I have to choose zippers but I like the kobaltblue coat. I am a fan of colourfull coats they make you forget the cold weather.

6 Sylvia


7 Heather Fonseca

As you know I totally agree with you on the topic of bright colors in general and in coats in particular. I have my share of black, but most of my coats are colorful. It’s a bit harder to just throw one on over whatever, but it makes a real statement too!

8 Sylvia

Unfortunately most of my own coats are black. They are all more than 6 years old and I have not needed a coat since then. Since I only need them once every 2 years, I don’t buy new ones. But gosh, how I wished I had a nice coat on my recent trip to Australia!

9 Playing With Scarves

Hi Sylvia,
I think the best is to have (if possible) two coats: a classic black one which we’ll keep on a longer basis probably and a colorful one that is trendy and fun. That’s what I used to do when I was working in Paris. One thing I miss a lot with living in Florida: coats… No way we can wear coats here.
I love all the ones you selected. Gorgeous. Two thumbs up for the model made by Joseph. Love its line and blue color.

10 Sylvia

I agree Anne. I think most will already have a black coat, but when you buy a new one, focus on colour. A coat is such a much used and essential item in a winter wardrobe that I think you can justify buying one coat each year.

11 Greetje

I have uploaded photos of my red coat to the Forum. Want to see it?

12 Greetje

And I acquired a yellow coat…. Yeah! Here it is:

13 Greetje

It is terrible, but here is also an orange coat….:

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