The best articles of 2012

by Sylvia

2012 best articles for women over 40

Not long before it’s 2013!

I’m on holiday right now (and probably so are you) so I thought I may give you a round-up of some of the best articles of the last year, which could serve as your reading material. Enjoy!

On improving your style

On how to dress after 40

On keeping up with the trends

Style lessons, interviews and inspiration from others

For a more healthy and beautiful you

 I will be back on Monday. Happy holidays!


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1 Greetje

Oh dear that is true. The dress challenge is due by January 2. I will submit my entry this week.


2 Sylvia

Yes, I already thought that with the holidays and all, the challenge was going to be difficult for many. But I will extend the deadline as I have another exciting new challenge coming up that I want everyone to participate in (no photos required!)


3 Marianne

No entry for me, but Greetje please submit your entry, looking forward to it. How about the other ladies, the other challenge was a hit, so please start submitting.


4 Sylvia

Pity Marianne, but yes all the other ladies, get your creativity going. It’s a good challenge….


5 Ofelia

Hi Sylvia and happy holidays to you and your family are having great times and thank you so much for including me in your blog list which brings many readers to my blog.
I also hope that 2013 brings you health, fun and cool clothes!


6 Sylvia

You’re welcome Ofelia. Great to read that this site is helping your blog as well. Wishing you also a very happy, healthy and stylish 2013!


7 traceyliz65

I submitted one and wanted to attempt another, not sure if I will have the time, but will try…. Having so much fun with my husband on vacation…


8 Sylvia

Great to hear Tracey. Have fun and I look forward to receiving your outfit(s) when you have the time…


9 Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Happy NY Sylvia…..see you around in 2013!!!



10 Sylvia

And to you too Rebecca!


11 Suzanne

You posted so many great articles for us over the past year. I have learned a lot from your Blog and I am sure many others have also. I think my favorite post is “Why Older Women (Should) Have More Fun and Get Wilder”. I admire Miuccia and believe in this idea. It is my resolution for 2013. I am going to try to be wilder! LOL! I have picked out a shorter, spikier hair style (if I can actually go through with the cut!) and I hope to try some adventurous looks. I saw a woman at a party wearing a pair of Michael Kors sequined “sweatpants” with a simple top and strappy sandals and I could not take my eyes off of her! My hubby bought me some high heeled (4&1/2″!) turquoise suede shoes for Christmas that I promised to wear the next time he takes me to my favorite restaurant for dinner. I want to be open to new things – while not embarrassing my children! 🙂
I hope you are having a wonderful vacation with your family and I can not wait to see what you have planned for us in 2013!


12 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne and great to read that you are getting more adventurous. I think it’s all about finding the right balance. Getting a bit more adventurous, but also staying true to yourself and finding your own style. Those shoes sound great!


13 Nanne

Thanks for the recap, I’ve enjoyed reading your articles this year and look forward to continue reading your blog in 2013!


14 Sylvia

Thanks Nanne. It’s so great to have met you this year (or was it already the year before?)!


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