The best accessories trends for 2016

by Cynthia Bowman

The best accessories trends for 2016 |

2016 is here and designers have managed to come up with collections that breathe new inspiration to help us rework our old closet classics. 2016’s inspiration is updated and modern 70s chic, so get ready to go slightly Boho, mixing it with some polish and a city vibe.

Here are the best 2016 accessory trends!

2016 Trend for Handbags – Keyword: Graphic

Designers showed a great collection of bags in all shapes and sizes on the runway for 2016. One repeating theme about these handbags that was quite striking was the graphics and patterns. Stripes, florals and patterns were printed on leather and other materials. Pattern and texture mix and match are essential–if you’re not sure how to pull it off you can always check out the post How to Mix Prints and Patterns Like an Expert. And handbags are even easier to mix, since nearly anything goes.

The best accessory trends for 2016: handbags

2016 Trend for Glasses – Keyword: Rounded

Sunglasses have gone softer, more feminine and retro or vintage. Shapes are rounded and the frame colors are lighter and softer. Translucent frames in pastel colors like light blue, jade and the favorite trend color of light pink will soften your face.

2016 accessory trends: sunglasses |

2016 Trend for Scarves – Keyword: Skinny

Scarves have taken on a light, necktie look for 2016. They’re long and sexy and can be wrapped or left to hang freely. Chloe really embraced the style.

2016 scarf trend: skinny |

2016 Trend for Jewelry – Keyword: Neckline

The trend for jewelry in 2016 is about enhancing the neckline. Long earrings called dusters that graze the edge of the neck and shoulders are hot. And you’ll be seeing lots of chokers in store. Both these trends are far from subtle, so get ready to push your comfort zone to give this jewelry trend a try.

accessories trends 2016: jewelry |

2016 Trend for Shoes – Keyword: Chunky

Platforms have taken on a chunkier, earthier vibe for 2016. Add a lace up tie to them and you are ready to own the trend! The lace up can be criss-crossed and tied as you wish. Designers and stylists showed the lace up look tied around the ankle to showcase your ankle and soften the clunky platform.

shoe trends for 2016: chunky

Accessories are the easiest way to look on-trend. You can find cheap and chic accessories that can elevate your wardrobe and give last year’s outfit today’s look by incorporating one or two or more 2016 fashion accessory trends.

Have you started to see any of these trends on the street? What is your favorite trend?


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1 Patti

Oh I am in heaven with the chunky shoe trend! xo


2 Elaine

I love, love, love the graphic bags. Just got a new pair of chunky clog sandals. Good to know they are on trend!

3 Sabina @Oceanblue Style at Manderley

Love scarfs and chunky heels. So: yay! Graphics are not for me. Love looking at them though 😉 Sabina | Oceanblue Style at Manderley

4 Rena

Thank you for sharing trends that can realistically be incorporated into a normal life. I love them all except the skinny scarf and the only one I’m lacking in is the graphic handbag. Good excuse to get myself a new purse.

5 beate

love the graphic bags! and the round sunnies are already here since last spring 🙂

6 Elizabeth (@timeless_styling)

Accessories in all forms are a staple to any ensemble for me. Thanks for the forward vision Sylvia – I especially love the inclusion of the skinny scarf….I can see so many applications!

7 Greetje

OK, that red and white striped bag by Dolce & Gabbana: BIG want on my list. Beautiful. The red earrings by Marni and the black and white scarf of Balenciaga and I want a skinny scarf by YSL: black with red polka dots. It was sold out everywhere. If you see it in Singapore please buy it for me. I will refund you.

8 Sylvia

Ok I will keep an eye out for it, but I’m rarely in town these days…

9 Greetje

And it was last year’s as well… Fat chance but you never know.

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