The ballerina: a most versatile shoe

by Sylvia

ballerinas shoes

This summer I splurged on ballerinas. Living in a hot climate I own lots of sandals, but nothing is quite as elegant and chic as some classy ballerinas. And as you may have seen from my 2012 flat shoe trends report, they, together with slipper shoes, are very much in style right now.

Why are ballerinas so fantastic? Here are just a few reasons:

  • They are timeless and classic
  • They come in all kinds of colours and variations, so they can be very hip as well
  • They are chic
  • They are comfortable
  • They look good on both the young and the very old and will always give you a youthful vibe
  • They are easy to put on and take off, which is very convenient in Asia as it is customary to take your shoes off before entering a home
  • They can easily be stored in a bag for those days that you want to wear those killer heals (but would still like to walk at the end of the evening)
  • They go with just about anything: skirts, trousers, dresses.

So if you like to get more of a minimalist wardrobe as we discussed a few days ago, then these are the shoes to get. And this season there is a huge variety of ballerinas in all kinds of colours and patterns. Here is just a small selection of what is available in shops right now.

I will show you my own ballerinas along the way. Unless you are desperate to see them now and I will have to post some pictures on Instagram.

Do you like ballerinas?

1 Ana

I do like them, very much, although I admit it took some time for them to grow on me; I just bought a pair of leopard-print ballerinas today, in fact!

2 Sylvia

Gorgeous. Enjoy!

3 Heather Fonseca

I love flats, but I need my ballerinas pointy toed. My feet look too big otherwise. Other than that I love little ballerina slippers!

4 Sylvia

Despite my big feet I have always been a rounded shoe girl. Not least because my feet are too wide!

5 Suzanne

First I had to do a little happy dance because of the ad that was on your site for my favorite college team. Yay Team!
Now I am doing another happy dance because this post is about – SHOES! Lots and lots of pretty shoes. 🙂 I think I have to have those two toned McQueens. And the black and white striped ones. And those ones with the beading are awfully cute. Every time you post shoes – I get in trouble! But I have seen some of the runway shows for S/S13 and there are many black and white, cream, or blush outfits so these shoes will be on trend. 🙂 I need to think ahead because right now all I want is for it to be cold enough to wear boots. I have missed them so much!

6 Sylvia

Yes, will do an article on boots shortly too. And I love the black and white shoes which I have also bought for myself 🙂 Hope your team wins!

7 Rita

Yay! Happy shoe shopping, Suzanne!! 🙂

8 Rita

I love ballerina flats! All the new styles and colors are fashionable, as well as the shoes being just down right practical. I bought a pair of Chloe flats a little over a year ago, meaning to wear them for fall, but not only did I wear them last fall and some of winter in Albuquerque, I have wore them in spring and this entire summer in Vriginia (our new home) as well because they are so comfortable and the fit is fantasic. I’m so glad to have been able to wear them so much, too, as they definitely cost more than I normally pay for a pair of shoes, so I’ve got the cost per wear down to a pair of Keds Sneakers at this point! 🙂 I also have several pairs of AGL’s (Attilio Guisti Leombruni). They are perfect for work and travel and always look classy with their classic buckle separating the two-toned shoe and cap toe. Thanks for the great post and showing all the cute options!!

9 Sylvia

You are welcome Rita. Great to hear that your Chloe flats have worked out so well for you!

10 Suzanne

Rita! I am making a few assumptions here but, if you recently moved from a Southern state to a Mid-Atlantic state, I see some new shoe shopping opportunities in your future! Virginia does not get as freezing cold/snowy as the state I live in but it does get wintry and you will be able to enjoy boots! I love boots. LOVE them. I own them in every color, height, material, and style and I am always looking for more. Of course, I must have some boots to actually keep me warm and from killing myself on the ice, but I am really talking fashion boots here. It will open a whole new world for you! 🙂
When my children were younger, we spent Spring Breaks in Virginia. I think it is a lovely place with much interesting history. Enjoy your new home!

11 Rita

Thanks, Suzanne! Virginia is definitely different than New Mexico…lots greener and much more humid. Funny you should mention boot shopping! I was going to Denver on business last winter and bought a pair of snow boots…practical but cute. Alas, I was never there when it snowed, and we got maybe 2″ total in Albuquerque (which at 5000′ in the high desert, evaporates instantly as soon as the sun comes out). So, I’ve got some fun snow boots and haven’t gotten to wear them. Here’s hoping for a snowy winter! 🙂 I have seen a few pair of great fashionable boots in the stores since we’ve been here, too. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

12 Greetje

I like ballerinas but they do not like me very much.
As I have flat feet and a very low instep, my feet look ridiculously long in ballerina’s. Which of course I hate. If they are a bit wide it gets better.
I need them for summer to be able to walk for a longer stretch of time. For instance for shopping in cities haha. And they have to have such a fit that I can put my support soles in them. All in all not easy. But I like all ballerinas you showed.

13 Sylvia

Yes, the support soles are a good idea. Keep forgetting about that, but will not be able to put them in mine as they are quite tight…

14 Greetje

Which is why I buy my flat shoes half a size bigger. And I take the soles with me to the shop, as it is not always possible to fit them in.

15 Marianne

I like ballerinas very much for the simple reason that they are the only shoes I can wear or ankle boots but than I put a plastic sandwich bag over my feet to be able to put them on. Very handy . So I am very pleased with this item, thanks.

16 Sylvia

At least there is a great variety in stores available now, so lots of choice!

17 Petite

Always been a flats girl or woman so I always indulged in ballet flats ( started with Coach, Tory Burch, Stuart Weitzmann, etc.)
Have a sizable Lanvin ballet flats “collection”, been obsessively buying from 2009 to 2011 and stopped but I have more colors/shades in between than on the rainbow. 🙂
They are soo comfortable and I know I will be wearing them well into my late 40’s.

18 Sylvia

Wow, sounds like you have an amazing collections of ballerinas already!

19 Petite

Yes, I look way ahead into my senior years and plan what would be most comfortable to use and stock up on them. Got a lot of them on sales, pretty lucky.

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