Superb look mixing a poncho with a skirt – Would you wear it?

by Sylvia

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This is such a great on-trend look!

I love the way this woman combined this original oversized poncho with an over-the-knee pastel skirt. Matched with the perfect open booties and handbag, this look is perfection to my eye.

I have no idea how old this woman is but I think this look could look great on many 40+ women. It looks modern, comfortable chic and trendy. I would wear it in a heartbeat.


Update: woman pictured is Elina Halimi, art director, Kabuki Paris.

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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I do like the poncho. I don’t know that I’d be able to wear it though.



no………..not in my town!


I love it all! That is Elina Halimi, who basically cannot put a foot wrong, style-wise, in my opinion. She is always very unique.


Thanks Lisa for letting me know. I agree super stylish woman. Found myself another style icon!


love it!
and do it – even with full skirts. a look to live in 🙂


I like it. The look is comfortable and contemporary. I love ponchos and would wear my own version scaled down for a smaller person so as not to look like an escapee from a 12 year old’s slumber party.


Love it and would wear it, most likely with a full skirt. Love her hair!

Greetje Kamminga

Although I kinda like it, it is not really something special to me. Which is exactly where I go wrong, what I cannot do: style skirts and shoes the modern way. I bought these booties exactly the same but in a brownish/greenish/golden colour. In the end I gave them away as I could not figure out how to wear them. The fact they hurt my feet a little but didn’t help but it was mainly because I had no idea. That skirt with that poncho? I would never put those together or if I had, dismiss it right away. What is to become of me?


You have your own ways of styling things Greetje. Just go with your own flow and do things that feel natural and modern to you!

Rita Palazzi

I love it and I would wear it! Elina has an innate elegance…what about her bag? It’s the every woman dream…


I think it looks fabulous!


Even tho I took the photo, and therefore, somehow, was attracted to it, I’m just not sure. The part that bothers me is not the poncho, which is great, but the pink skirt. It just doesn’t seem to match the poncho. I would have expected to see something more rugged, more prairie.

Mary Beth

I am feeling very concerned about myself because no, I do not like anything about this look. I like ponchos, I like pink, but I do not like how these particular items are put together. I also live in a climate where boots with open toes simply make no sense at all, so when I see them, I am puzzled by their complete lack of usefulness. I also do not care for her sunglasses which I find, maybe because of this particular tint, to be a little bug like in appearance. I do like her beautiful hair and her lovely bag! I am virtually never so negative about fashion that I see, however you asked and I was so struck by how much I could not love this look!


No need to be concerned Mary! We all have different tastes and one thing I have learned over the years is that I can never please everyone with what I’m wearing. This look is unusual and would certainly not be everyone’s taste.

Deborah Gates

I love this look and in fact do wear a poncho over a midi skirt in winter. I would love to find pieces that would allow me to create a more Spring appropriate version like this one.

Sabina @Oceanblue Style

I love it because the poncho is shorter in the front, just the skirt is a bit too much on the casual side for me to go with it. Would wear a different one but other than that? Totally fabulous. Sabina | Oceanblue Style


Great look.. I would wear this but would wear it with a grey or navy skirt.. looks really neat!

Lisa M

Something about this doesn’t work for me. I like ponchos and like skirts as a general rule. Maybe it’s the color combination? I know I don’t like booties — I think I mentioned that the other day — and these do nothing to change my mind.

Aileen Wrennall

I’m with the ladies who don’t like this look. To me the skirt is a strange shape, and the gap between the skirt and the boots is creating an odd proportion. The poncho would look better with black trousers and boots. I don’t like toeless boots either. Ha! You can tell I’m useless with modern styles; what do I know!

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