Sunday style inspiration: The fabulous Melanie

by Sylvia

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I arrived a bit earlier in Vancouver and had the opportunity to spend some time with Melanie, whom I introduced you to earlier in this style interview. She was one of the first women I interviewed and I have been following her online ever since.

She is even more special in real life than she in on her blog Bag and a Beret. Her outfits have inspired me every day and she is one of the kindest, beautiful and funniest women you will ever meet.

Here are some photos I took of her on a beautiful day in Vancouver.

Melanie-8opt  Melanieopt Melanie-3opt Melanie-4opt

Melanie-6optMelanie-5opt Melanie-10opt




1 Samantha

What beautiful shots!
An eclectic fashionista, she looks like a fun person to be around…AND a fellow shoe-lover! <3
Great post.
Samantha @ FakeFabulous

2 Sabine Gimm

Very nice pics and a beautiful lady 🙂

xo Sabine – Bling Bling Over 50

3 Patti

She is truly gorgeous, in and out. Xo

4 Melanie

I gulped when I saw this post. Thank you for your incredibly kind words, Sylvia. I bumble along style-wise and it’s a happy surprise to know that my style resonates with some people. You are a style inspiration for me too and it has been my honour and delight to meet you!

5 Greetje

I so agree. Melanie is such an inspiration but above all a very funny, warm hearted and generous woman. You want to be around her all the time. The necklace she made for me draws crowds. Got so many compliments.

6 Shelley@ForestCityFashionista

Melanie is wonderful and I’m so happy to count her amongst my circle of blogger friends.

7 Accidental Icon

Melanie is hilarious, artistic, creative, resourceful and beautiful. I look forward to every post she writes.

Accidental Icon

8 The Style Crone

I adore Melanie. She is a creative genius and I admire her every post. Great photos Sylvia!

9 Suzanne

Fabulous style! And as on so many other occasions, I did not appreciate those Fluevogs before seeing them on someone who knows how to style them. I have not appreciated the fringey/furry shoe thing at all either, but Melanie really knew when to bring these out. Amazing.

10 Petite Silver Vixen (@petitevix)

Melanie is truly a one off, one of a kind and thank heavens for that! I love individuality and creativity and the confidence to just be your own woman and Melanie, encapsulates that completely. Bravo to everyone at the meet up! I wish I could’ve gone. Next time!

11 Amber of Butane Anvil

Allow me to heap more love on the substantial love-pile for our tremendous, one-of-a-kind, adjectives utterly fail to describe her fabulousness, amazing Melanie! Gorgeous profile and lucky you!

12 Robin

wonderful photos – I love Melanie’s style and blog.
You captured her beautifully

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