Celebrating the summer printed dress! (part 1)

by Sylvia

Summer printed dresses | 40plusstyle.com

Previously I showed you the preparations for the Dolce Vita Fashion show and the actual show itself. It was a great show!

However, another reason I like to attend this event is to photograph all the ladies in their most fabulous clothes. I’m sure many of these outfits will inspire you for your own summer dressing.

I took many photos so I’m going to share them in batches over the next few weeks. Surprisingly most women wore dresses with some kind of print, so this week I show you part 1 of all the fabulous dresses with a print.


blue flower summer dress | 40plusstyle.com cream dress and striped dress | 40plusstyle.com beautiful printed wrap dress | 40plusstyle.com orange dress with a paisley print | 40plusstyle.com beautiful printed summer dresses | 40plusstyle.com colorful summer maxi dress | 40plusstyle.com

Will you be wearing a printed dress this summer? Which of the above is your favorite dress?


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So hard to pick a favorite- all these ladies are gorgeous in their dresses! I think the middle one on the very first photo, with bright yellow, red and pink speaks the most to me. I would probably wear it too. 🙂 But they all are beautiful!


I wear many printed dresses in the summer because they are so easy just to put on and go. All of these women look great, happy and comfortable. I’d wear the magenta and navy dress with the v neck. I think prints are more forgiving on most figures especially if the print is on the smaller side.

blue hue wonderland


They All Look Wonderful But Its The Yellow Dress For Me.


I will certainly be wearing printed dresses this year. Not sure any of these looks would be for me but the two women in the lace dress and the striped dress (love the belt) look very nice.


Do you like the white with blue floral print in the second photo, Lorraine? That seems like a nice style and colors that you like. That was my second favorite after the white lace.


The colours caught my eye as they are lovely and very me, but I wasn’t sure about the fit around the stomach and the way the sleeves stuck out. I’d have to get my sewing machine out and fiddle with it!


Not a fan of ankle-length dresses, I know they’re comfortable but they resemble tents imho. Love the left and right dresses in the first photo!

Buckle Button Zip

These are all so wonderful! Great post Sylvia. If I was buying one for myself, it would be the white tone-on-tone dress that would flatter my figure. But each of the lovely ladies looks amazing in her dress. Kudos to them.
x Laura


I like the white lace dress as well, and the neutral Bottega Veneta bag and cute sandals really make the outfit.


I love that slouchy bag, too, Rita. Well identified! I have cream lace tops and would love to wear a cream lace dress like that but I would worry that I looked like I was getting married…again! LOL! It looks nice on a brunette.


Haha! Yes, when I was more brunette than grey it would have been great. I’m not too sure about all cream or white these days, though. I just answered “grey” for haircolor on my passport application. Now it’s official! 😀


Oh Rita! I hope those customs officials know that they are the first people you have come out to! LOL!

Greetje Kamminga

I must say… these ladies were very well dressed. Very yummie dresses. Would not mind a few of them.


Everyone dresses really well for these lunches. More photos to come!

Elizabeth Anderson

lovely the middle dress in the first set is my favourite

Hannah Avery

The last maxi dress is so beautiful!

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