Style goals for 2015!

by Sylvia

2015 style goals

The start of a new year is a great time to review what you like to achieve. I already discussed 10 simple steps to ignite your style!

Today let’s look at our style goals for 2015.

What has been working and what could be improved?

You can write down what you would like to achieve this year in terms of style. The list can be general or more specific, long or short and can contain anything that you feel is important in terms of style.

It can be a handy list to take with you while going shopping and you may like to check it at various times during the year to see if you are still on track.

I will kickstart the process and share some of my own goals and style reflections.

  1. I want my style to reflect my style statement: Modern Freedom. Other important words include: interesting, fun, arty, clean, edgy.
  2. I like to create the right balance of modern and timeless, flattering and unrestrictive, arty and clean, asymmetric and balanced, high end and low end.
  3. To keep embracing some of the key elements of my style which are: asymmetry, architecture, comfort, contemporary accessories.
  4. Balance color with plenty of neutrals.
  5. Explore the use of earrings to add color or interest to face.
  6. Although I don’t like super tight clothes, I want to embrace more clothes that are tailored to my body and emphasize my waist.
  7. I like to add more edge to my style without using too much black.
  8. Buy fewer, but higher quality items. But also allow for a mix of low and high-end items in an outfit. It’s ok to indulge in a trendy item but that should be bought cheaply.
  9. Only keep items in my closet that I love and make me feel happy and confident.
  10. Be very particular on fit. If it does not fit (or cannot easily be altered) don’t buy it!
  11. Be careful with buying prints (I tire of prints too quickly). Prints on bottom pieces or accessories and shoes usually work best.
  12. Don’t buy clothes with too many details and keep it clean.
  13. Don’t buy clothes that are too girly, romantic or bohemian.
  14. Make sure to have some good hot weather casual clothes too.
  15. Stay true to myself. Some clothes should only be admired on others!
  16. Find the perfect haircut that I’m able to manage.
  17. Take good care of my skin and reserve time in the morning and evening to properly care for it.
  18. Strive for a more polished look when it comes to makeup.
  19. Wear sunscreen whenever I step outside.
  20. Continue to evolve in terms of style and learn and be inspired by others.
  21. Most of all to have FUN with fashion and Style!

What are your style goals this year?


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1 Suzanne

I hate making resolutions or even goals. They always seem to work against me.

That said, I know that I need to go through my closet and do some serious pairing down. This year it has gotten out of control and for the first time ever it kind of bothers me when I open the doors. I’m fastidious about keeping it tidy and organized but the simple fact is that I’ve run out of room. So either I make more room, or I must get rid of some things.



2 Greetje Kamminga

I am so with Suzanne on this. The only resolution I have is to wear more dresses and skirts (and to seek help in doing so as I have no clue).

And to throw out a lot of clothes from my closet. Again, the same as Suzanne, it never bothered me before, but it does now.


3 Sylvia

Good luck Greetje!


4 Lisa M

Totally off topic, but how do you add that little picture to upper right corner of your comments?


5 Sylvia

It’s easy just associate the email address that you comment with with an image. I explain it at


6 Sylvia

Sounds like a good plan Susanne. Good luck!


7 Eni

So good intentions! Do you hope to achieve them all!
Yesterday was the first birthday of my blog; take a look at my blog if you want!!! Have a nice day, kisses,


8 Sylvia

Of course 🙂
Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary!


9 Barbara

I am also of the mind to pare down to the essentials. Most important to me is comfort, fit, flattery, in colors that are good on me. And also a wardrobe that fits my lifestyle. I have a hugely disproportionate number of office appropriate apparel, but I work outside, not in an office! I am a sucker for a good deal, so have acquired a lot of really nice things that I love, and that fit me well, but don’t wear because I don’t go anywhere to wear them. I live a really simple outdoor life that revolves around gardening, horses and dogs. Yet I have a refined taste for fine things, and have a good sense of what works on me.. What do I do? I Don’t really want to get rid of everything I don’t wear. A frequent rule of thumb is to get rid of what ever doesn’t get worn in a year. But I keep thinking maybe I will…..


10 Sylvia

Would it be possible for you to have 2 closets? Perhaps you can add the clothes for your everyday life in one and special items in the other. That way you will get a good overview for your every-day needs and may spot what you are missing.
Of course it will be important for you to get a good wardrobe of clothes for the life that you have, which in your case would mean more clothes for your outdoor lifestyle.


11 Lisa

My big issue right now is that I have gained about 15 pounds the past year — mostly due to nervous eating through a stressful situation. So I think my first goal is to lose that 15 pounds — can that be a style goal?

After that, I like my remixable wardrobe and have a good foundation, but not necessarily pieces of high quality. I want to commit to buying fewer, quality pieces, replacing as I go. I am not sure I can ever be a complete minimalist, but really like the idea of a minimalist wardrobe. Perhaps the first step is figuring out realistically what can work for me.


12 Sylvia

It can definitely be a style goal so long as you still keep dressing for the body you have now, eg. don’t postpone essential items until you lose the pounds. That way you can lose the pounds in a relaxing way and still feel good about the way you look now. Good luck with your journey of scaling down!


13 Rita

I have slowly and cautiously ventured into the world of jewelry with a couple of bracelets that I bought at cute little boutique in Los Angeles last summer. I haven’t worn them a lot yet but I like them. AND I just ordered a couple of necklaces from the same shop. So, I’m going to try to wear them often and not be so lazy. I also want to swap trousers for more easy, pretty skirts. I have tired of the slim-legged look on jeans/trousers (not quite skinnies but nearly) and want to be a little more comfortable and easy going.


14 Sylvia

Great goals Rita. I think it will allow you to have more fun with fashion so you can still wear your beloved basics but can add something extra with jewelry and sometimes a skirt!


15 Sabina @Oceanblue Style

Love new year but am not one for resolutions. Does not work for me. I decided at the end of Oct to stop wearing new clothes for a while but focus more on going with what I have. Winter favorites etc such as shearling jacket, boots, leggings, skinny jeans and parka. Its about mixing and finding new combinations for what I already love and have. Happy 2015 Sylvia. xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style


16 Sylvia

Sounds like a great idea Sabina. Happy new year!


17 Laina Turner

Even though I love comfy, baggy clothes there is something to be said at how good a tailored shirt or pants can shape your figure and make you look outstanding.


18 Susan

I streamlined my closet over the holidays and discarded ill fitting or unworn clothes. I purchased several dresses in a figuring flattering sheath style to go with a few print jackets I purchased in 2014. I am starting to appreciate the simplicity of wearing a well-fitted dress and using accessories. One drawback to dress styling. I live in a warm to hot weather climate in the US for 8 months of the year and I am still struggling with the idea of not wearing hose. I am fair and my legs in the spring and summer are very white – not a good look. Not interested in self tanners. Would welcome any thoughts around this. Happy 2015!


19 Sylvia

Sounds like you are on the right track Susan!

As for bare legs, I like them and I don’t mind fair legs. In fact here in Asia, it’s something that women strive for! I wrote an article about this topic:

What you could do to not make your fair legs stand out is to not wear dresses that contrast too much. For example no black but rather softer colors. Accessories also help to take the eyes upward so the emphasis is on your face and not your legs.


20 Jane

I love making goals! It always helps me to focus, which is important so that I don’t get lost in too many details. That said, I found your list very inspiring, Sylvia, and used it as a springboard to make my own. Mine is much shorter, but I feel it will help me to stay on track this year.


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