Streetstyle inspiration: skirts for winter – Which one is your favorite?

by Sylvia

Streetstyle inspiration: skirts for winter - Which one is your favorite? |

Wearing skirts in winter and staying warm is the perfect opportunity to take skirts year round and put them in very chic and stylish ensembles. We especially love the look of skirts in the winter because we get beyond the usual cold weather go to’s of leggings, jeans, and pants. Here are 8 of our favorite winter skirt styles from the streets of New York City. Enjoy!

1 . Winter white skirt

Wearing such a bold (and beautiful) white skirt in winter is actually quite a warming sight. Standing out from the sea of dark winter looks, we love how she makes the skirt the focal item of her look. The white skirt also softens up the electric blue tones of her fur vest and the sharp leather of her black gloves and bag.

2. Belted skirt

We love the skinny black belt and its contrast with the midi green skirt. The skirt hits at a perfect length to throw in ankle boots without shortening her length.

brown ankle boots green midi skirt pussy bow blouse winter looks |

3. Neutral pairings

Pairing over the knee boots with a shorter skirt can usually be a challenge for those trying to keep it looking chic and classy. This look definitely hits the nail on the head with a neutral monochromatic look and a skirt and boot pairing that looks very polished. The coordinating fur coat nicely completes the look.

suede over the knee boots fur coat skirt winter looks |

4. Peplum skirt

A perfectly fitted and styled peplum skirt can take a look a very long way. In this case, she hit the mark with a well fitted skirt that pairs that is effortlessly chic. The varying textures of the leather skirt keep it interesting and refreshing even in a dark tone.

leather peplum skirt winter looks |

5. Shade of gray

A tough look softened with a gray midi skirt, we love how well put together this look is. The gray skirt softens the leather and dark fur enough to keep it appropriate for day, yet it still maintains an enviable rocker chic look.

rocker chic gray skirt fur coat leather winter looks |

6. Black pleated skirt

We love the play on proportions and color contrasts in this look with the straight black pleated skirt and white voluminous fur cape. Perfectly colorblocked, the look is fresh and the ensemble under the cape is grounding enough to keep the cape from looking over the top.

white fur cape black pleated skirt winter looks |

7. Pleated skirt

This fashionista took a playful and luxe spin on a traditional school girl look by adding on a fur coat and structured bag to her look. Surrounded by neutrals, the pastel blue skirt pops and plays off the texture of the fur coat quite well.

fur coat pleated skirt winter looks |

8. Powder blue tulle skirt

We absolutely love this casual take on a tulle skirt by pairing it with a graphic t-shirt, a canvas bad, and coordinating sunglasses. The look is  given a bit of romantic tone with a floral embellished coordinating peacoat.


blue tulle skirt graphic shirt winter looks |

Which one of these winter skirt looks is your favorite?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Andrea@WellnessNotes

I like #5 best.

2 Patricia

#1 – by far.

3 Lisa Francine

I can’t decide! 5, 6, and 7 are fantastic! The addition of fur may have something to do with my love of those examples.

4 beate

1., 2., 5. – this are my favs!
since i never wear pants/trousers (beside of sport activities) wide, midi length skirts in wool fabrics are a winter wardrobe staple for me!

5 catherine

my favorites :3,4,5,6

6 Greetje

Definitely the first look. I adore every piece. From furry top to pointy shoes, from bag to skirt to gloves. The lot.
And the bag of 7 is heaven too.

7 Sabina @Oceanblue Style at Manderley

Love them all. But the blue tulle is a tad ahead of it <3 Thanks for the inspiration because I am always looking. Also managed to wear my vintage lace skirt in winter that I was writing about here on your blog.

8 Jodie filogomo

I know it’s boring but I love them all too!! However #4 & #6 have bare legs….brrrr! jodie

9 Misja

The first one is my favorite!

10 Sherry Edwards

I think # 6 is very chic and elegant. I also just like the grey midi skirt provided it is the n a winter weight fabric. I also have a winter white heavy weight skirt, pants and blazer. Not a suit – just separate pieces, however I always get looks and comments when I wear them. Not always sure if that is a good thing.

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