Streetstyle inspiration: Culottes. Will you embrace them this season?

by Sylvia

How to wear culottes |

Culottes are still a fringe trend right now but may become mainstream. I have not yet fully embraced them although I did approach the silhouette with these cropped wide pants.

howtowearculottes whiteculottes  creamculottes blackculottes

Culottes take me back to the 70s where I wore them a lot in a very preppy way.

I do like these modern versions and feel that the women above have worn them to great effect.

How about you? Would you wear culottes? Which of the above outfits is your favorite?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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Patricia Foskett

The leopard top with.the white culottes looks amazing.


Probably not, although the long ones are nice.


The last two photos with the longer versions look better. Otherwise, they should stay in the 70’s, I think.


I love the full length ones in the last photo. As a short person, I’d steer clear of the ones that stop at mid-shin.

Molly Mew

I like the long ones too, especially the navy in the last photo. I’d never wear any that cut off at mid shin level, as I’m too short to carry that off!


This is one look that doesn’t excite me at all. I wore these when I was about 8 or 9 years old. They didn’t look good on me then.

The longer ones don’t really look like culottes at all. They look more like maxi skirts.



Love the top two examples! The drape-y fabric helps to tone down the culotte cut and is a great way to merge the comfort of a skirt with the ease of pants. I am small chested so if I could find the right cut that isn’t too bulky on the bottom, I would definitely give this style a try! (I enjoy your blog too…lots of great info and photos!!)

Greetje Kamminga

I have seen a couple (usually leather) which were not bad, especially not when worn with a modern boxy wide top. But my husband has banned the culotte totally. And although my feelings are less strong than his, I don’t really like them either.


lol Greetje. They’re banned in my house too. I don’t know why, I just find them to be unflattering at best.


haha I think my husband would say the same..


Being petite 5’2″, culottes are not a good look for me. They visually shorten my already short legs and add too much fabric on my lower half to make an attractive silhouette. The style really brings out the “old lady” in me. The only way to wear them successfully would be with high heeled boots and a fitted top. So why do it when more attractive choices are available? I would rather opt for a nicely fitting skirt to wear with my boots and jackets.


You are very right Elaine. Culottes are not for everyone. It’s always good to be choosy about you the trends to embrace.


Although I won’t wear them the ladies in the photos look very stylish. I’m glad we have so many choices!


I love this trend. I wear them like I would wear a midi skirt, always with high shoes. And I feel more confident and comfortable with the “skirt-pants”.


I am not sure I’d wear any of these styles, but a summer does not go by without me wearing my XCVI cropped palazzo pants!


I would wear them. The leopard and white combo is awesome!


I like the look, but they just don’t work with my shape. Bummer.


No 4 Looks Ok. I Wore Them In The Sixties, Not The Seventies, But Not Now.
They Say, If You Wore Them When First Trendy, You Probably Shouldnt Wear Them Next Time Around.

Jacklyn Karabaich

This is one of the worst looks you have shown on your blog.

The Style Crone

I like the longer version, and I think I have some in my closet. Thanks for the inspiration! I enjoy experimentation.


I too prefer the longer wide leg pant , which can be really flattering depending on the cut and drape of the fabric. I personally wear them and for me I prefer them to a tight pant.

Deborah @ Stylish Murmurs

I absolutely love culottes! I have had trouble finding my perfect pair tho. Being a petite, I didn’t want anything that was going to swamp me or add too much bulk to my behind:) I ended up having a pair of wide leg draped pants hemmed and created my own. You wouldn’t mistake them for a skirt but I think they still qualify as culottes:)


Great to hear from another lover of culottes. As you can see from the comments they can be quite polarising!

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