Streetstyle inspiration: bold color blocking

by Sylvia

Street style inspiration: bold color blocking |

This outfit is taking color blocking to a whole new level!

What do you think of this unique look?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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Hello,Sylvia! The red blouse and black Capri is pretty together,but everything else has to definitely go (looks messy together and clownish).
Have a great day!

Tami Von Zalez

The pants are a purple velvet (of all things …)


I think it is so fabulous Exciting use of color and shapes!


Hello Sylvia, I think this looks quite stylish. I like the dressiness of the bow blouse with the simple but unique pants. I am not sure I would wear it myself, but I do like the idea. I like the booties but do not really care for the color. Overall I really like the entire outfit.

Daenel T.

I adore it! The jewel tones are perfect together.




Love it!! I don’t think I’d attempt it myself, but she is confident and gorgeous in this look. xo



The coat is great. It would be fun to see this outfit redone in different ways. If you remove the blue gloves, pink shoes, and bag, the colors seem more restful to my eye. Then maybe add rust shoes and bag that blends with coat, no chain.


I love this outfit. Color is beautiful and the shoes!! Denton should have a book published with his gorgeous photos. Thanks to you for sharing!


Thank you Julie! I see this outfit is a bit controversial here. Personally, I think it is one of my favorites from this past NY Fashion Week. I love it!

Tami Von Zalez

I fail to see how the colors tie in together. Most might think she got dressed in the dark.


Exactly!! I did think that she got dressed in the dark.


I love it!



I think it all looks good but the shoes are a step too far. I also think the gloves would be better to be toning.


Such a great photo! Love those bold colors!




I really like the look! She looks bold, strong & confident.


Stunning lady, love it!


Beautiful. I am proud to say that I had one outfit which was a little bit like it.

Carol in Denver

Gorgeous, vibrant, glowing but not garish. Such a rich look.

Silvia DiPierdomenico

Her blouse is so chic. Though I appreciate color blocking as a fashion statement, I can’t help but think how great her blouse would look with a pair of slim black tuxedo pants. Sometimes understated elegance has a greater impact than clothes that call out for attention.


Hmmm…not really a fan but I’m sure it would look better with different shoes, perhaps matching the blouse or coat 🙂


I love it! It’s fresh and above all different. I like difference.

Tammila Goodwin

I am not sure why exactly but I like this outfit, The royal blue gloves would have to go imo. Over all its bold and chic. It helps that the woman is very tiny and well proptioned â˜șThat coat is awesome!Cheers.

Bea Suarez

I love it! It is vibrant, full of energy! I would wear it, all of it and together. But then again, I love color, living in Seattle you develop a certain appreciation for it.

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