Streetstyle inspiration: black winter outfits – Which of these 4 outfits is your favorite?

by Sylvia

Streetstyle: black winter outfits - Which of these 4 outfits is your favorite? |

Black is a timeless shade that will always be a fashion favorite. As you know I’m not a huge fan of all black outfits in winter (the streets are dark enough already) but adding texture or a colorful detail or bling detail help elevate the look.

Here are 4 fabulous all black winter outfits  on the streets of New York. 

1. Chic cropped coat

The coat and ruffled outfit creates a highlights her lovely feminine silhouette!

2. Stylish layering

The layering effect created in this outfit adds a more stylish look.

All black winter outfit: ideas on how to layer clothes |

3. Classic gold buttoned coat

A timeless and elegant coat that can match any outfit!

All black winter outfit: Classic black coat |

4. Edgy textures

The use of layered textures in this outfit creates a bold look all black look

All black winter outfit: bold and edgy textures |

You may shop current styles inspired by these look.


How would you style black this winter?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 esther

look 1

2 Gail

Look 1, the cropped coat over ruffles, is a knock out!


3 Jodie filogomo

I’m not a huge love of wearing all black either, Sylvia! But just the other day, I saw a woman at the airport in all black, and it really worked. She had on different textures that made such an impact.
Just like the black fur —it’s totally fun!

4 Sherry Edwards

I live where black is the traditional colour. I would love to see people in some other colour, even brown, grey or navy. I myself overwear black. But I do like to add a texture, colour or print. Even during summer everyone still wears black. It is boring but I admit safe and alot of times I feel like a black victim too.

5 Denton

Love the shape of #1, the boho look in #3, and the complexity of #4. This is a hard one!

6 Emma McDonnell

Classic gold. If you are going all black the gold makes the look x

7 Greetje

I like the “freedom” of 4 but still choose the coat of 1. The skirt of 1 is not my style, but her bag is.
Layering with different textures… I am not very wise in that department. Or rather.. no clue.

8 Carol

The first one, because of the hat and scarf, is my favourite because it looks so soft and cozy with a variety of textures. I don’t think everyone could pull off that look, though. I also get tired of black but it is very versatile; it can be casual, edgy, formal or businessy.

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