spring 2014 flat shoe trends: 4 major trends and lots of colorful & arty shoes!

by Sylvia

spring and summer 2014 flat shoe trends | 40PlusStyle.com

After discussing the mid heel shoe trends recently, it’s now time for the more comfortable flats.

These too tend to be arty and colorful, of which I’m highly in favour. Wearing a hip and modern shoe is a great way to give your outfit an extra dimension and a young & hip look.

Ankle straps

Ankle straps as shown above are still very popular. Not the easiest trend to wear for everyone (as they tend to shorten legs) but often very comfortable. They can make your outfits look more edgy and fashionable.

Arty & colorful

Still plenty of arty and colorful sandals and flats to choose from. Great for adding that extra color to your outfit!

flat shoe trends report for spring 2014 | 40PlusStyle.com

Casual & funky

There is a growing trend of more casual and lose clothing and shoes follow suit. There are still a lot of fancy sneakers as well as casual but funky loafers. Great for giving your outfits a casually chic touch.

shoe trends spring 2014: casual and funky | 40PlusStyle.com

Pointy flats

The pointy flat rules supreme this summer. Although you can still wear your rounded ballerinas (they are always chic) if you want to add an element of hip & current to your outfit, opt for a pointy model.

spring 2014 shoe trends: pointy loafers and ballerinas | 40PlusStyle.com

I very much enjoy the color and designs of flat shoes this season although I will be struggling with pointy shoes (my feet are just too wide).

Here are some great designer flat shoes that are currently available online. Use as inspiration or happy shopping!

Which shoes take your fancy?


1 Ashley

Those are some great selections! I love flats. Let’s be honest… Heels just aren’t that comfortable.

2 Sylvia

True, but sometimes very stylish!

3 The Style Crone

I’ve been checking out flats more frequently, and appreciate the many options that you display on this post. Such diversity in color and design!

4 Sylvia

I know. I love so many of them…

5 Tragic Sandwich

I’ve given up on heels (I will wear them for a job interview or if I am in a wedding party, but that is all)–thanks for the overview on trendy flats!

6 Sylvia

Enjoy your flats. Luckily there are now so many fabulous flats available!

7 denton

I fell so in love with a pair of Zanotti flat sandals that I am buying them today for my wife’s birthday next week! They are this style, but all white. Perfect for the summer, if it ever gets here. The only place I’ve seen the exact ones is the Zanotti boutique in NYC. Here’s the closest I’ve seen on line, and they also come in all black, and a high heel version that is really beautiful also. So envision these in white.

8 Sylvia

very nice!

9 Rita A.

I have a pair of Zanotti’s that I bought a few years ago on a super clearance sale when the Saks was closing in Denver. The are a medium brown leather, with a heel about an inch high, and they have a bit of a gladiator look, with lots of wide criss-cross straps across the top of the foot, then they buckle around the ankle. I call them my “mummy” shoes. Sadly, I’ve worn them so much they rather look like they’ve been in the desert fot 3000 years, but I still love them!

10 Lisa M

I don’t like the real chunky look in the first few sandals, but like the thinner straps and more embellished ones. Perhaps because they are more feminine??? I am CRAVING sandal weather right now so these are my favorite. Fortunately for me, shortening my legs is a good thing — my vertical profile discovery — so ankle straps it is.

A friend recently suggested that for pointy toe shoes, buy them a size larger and stuff the toe a bit. That way your toes don’t have to get smushed quite as far into the narrow part. I did this for a pair of pointy heels and it worked. Still not the most comfortable style, but a lot better. I don’t know that I would do this for flats, however. Flats are comfort shoes. There should be no toe smushing in comfort shoes.

I also like the orange metallic Nicholas Kirkwood shoes for reasons that I can’t explain because this is not my normal style at all. Perhaps they remind me of Dorothy’s ruby slippers? Perhaps because orange is the best color in the world? But what in the world would I wear them with?

11 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I adore these colorful flats for summer. And I like my feet to feel good too, so it’s a win!

12 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

Major eye candy here Sylvia! I LOVE shoes, and this is a stellar collection. I’ve seen that flats are trendy this spring, and look forward to buying some. Sometimes, I wish I was taller, but I can’t help but love flats!

13 Suzanne

I love oxfords and those bright yellow sandals are cute too.

Pointy toes are so good for elongating my body but as you wrote, sometimes difficult to wear.


14 Rita A.

I love, love, love the McQueen tapestry loafers! I would wear them with everything and people would get sick of looking at them…LOL!! I associate all of his styles with skulls (which I don’t quite get) so I’m glad to see that his line is branching out into pretty things. The Armani suede lace up loafer is gorgeous! It’s a little dark for a spring summer shoe for me, but I would love those for fall or winter with tights and no snow on the ground. Will have to watch for that one to go on sale. 🙂 Great collection. I’m so excited to get my summery flats out and put away the boots.

15 Nanne

A great selection! I particularly like the AGL and Donna Karan ankle strap sandals.

16 Greetje Kamminga

Flat shoes and I don’t go well together. It doesn’t make an elegant picture. I still have my silver/leopard/pink sandals from last year. Spot-on.
And I bought (round nosed) ballerinas from Jan Jansen in black and white. Very comfortable, so I accept the round nose.
I also saw silver and gold men shoes, like the Barbara Bui ones you are showing. I am very tempted….

17 sharon

what type of summer pants should a 66 yr old woman wear in summer and tops.

I have large hips and a belly but smaller on the top more pear shaped ? Blonde hair, blue eyes 5″4″ – dress me up fancy and casual ??

18 Sylvia

There are so many options. You may like to start with my tips for the pear shape: https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-dress-a-pear-shaped-body/ There are many more articles in the how to dress after 40 sections and lots of inspiration in the what I wore and what you wore sections.

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