Some more highlights from the spring 2012 collections


DKNY and Carolina Herrera 2012 Spring Collection

New York Fashion week is still in full swing, so I thought to highlight some more of my favorite new designs that are suitable for women over 40.

DKNY started off her show with some lovely navy suits that would look great on many 40+ women, although you’d need pretty good legs to pull of the pants.

I loved Carolina Herrera’s collection which featured a lot of graphical dresses and patterns. The colour palette was great too and featured black and whites, red, yellow and green.

Zac Posen brings us a very feminine sillhouette. Form fitting clothes excude lady like class. Not the most comfortable clothes I would image, but very classy for a special evening out.

I was a bit disappointed about Victoria Beckams collection and couldn’t find anything really appropriate for us women over 40. I did like this beige ensemble though of tunic, pants and jacket. Not so much in Marc Jacobs collection for the over 40 woman either. Quite a bit of color in this collection though and it seems that brght colored pants will be on trend for quite a while. I also loved the jacket with the orange details.

2012 spring collections marc by marc jacobs and victoria beckum over 40

What are you liking sofar from the 2012 Spring collections?

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Most of these dresses are nice but how can you decide if they are age appropiate when the “models themselves look to be around 18 yrs. old at the most and they weigh about 110lbs max. Its kind of hard for a woman in her 40’s to imagine themselves wearing them, because lets face it there arent many woman at age 30 much less 40 wearing a size one.


Very true Jackie. We will just have to use our imagination. It’s still a reality that almost all clothes (even those intended for older women) are shown on young thin models. This site aims to help, so I hope you enjoy it.

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