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by Sylvia


The results of my testing of Beaute Pacifique, a new way to shorten your jeans, my giveaway and more…

Beauty pacifique

Beaute Pacifique scan

A while ago I told you about me trying out new creams from Beaute Pacifique. I mentioned that I would go back for a second scan after 3 months. Well, I’ve done so and you can see the results in the left image. My results are at the right. As you can see it’s a significant improvement, which, of course I’m very pleased about. The results on the left are from another lady who was present at the press even, and shows an even greater improvement.

I’m still sceptical though. Is this really possible? Has my skin really improved that much from the inside? I must say, I’ve been happy with the creams. The creme paradoxe has kept my skin very hydrated when I was in cold Holland and Austria and I feel that cream is perfect for dehydrated skin. I find it a bit too heavy for humid Singapore during day time though.

The vitamin A anti-wrinkle booster which I use at night is the main cream responsible for the deeper improvement in my skin according to the beauty consultant. Although my skin is in reasonable shape, the cream has not helped with my outbreaks in the chin, nose and forehead area. However, I will continue to use it and I’m curious to see if my scan results keep improving when I go back for another screen in a couple of months.

Meanwhile I’ve been given a sample for a mask, that may improve my combination skin in the problem areas, and I’m testing it right as I type this!

Have you uploaded your photos to the forum yet?

The 40+ style forum is working really well and it’s turning out to be a great place to upload your photos and get feedback from me and others. Greetje especially has been very active uploading her outfits and shoes so check those out and give her your feedback. I hope more of you will join in the fun as well!

Jooix Giveaway

It’s stil not too late to enter the Jooix giveaway for their colorful $146 bracelet. Just fill in the simple form, like the Jooix facebook page and you’re entered to win!

Shorten or lenghen your jeans on the go!

shorten your jeansDo you have the problem that the hems of your jeans are never quite right for the shoes that you want to wear? Enter Hem Gems. A little accessory for your jeans that you use to ajust the length of your jeans but still show the original hemline. I think this is a great idea, although unforutnatley it only really works with jeans. How I would love to have a solution for my other pants as well!

How to shorten your jeans quickly

In Singapore Hem Gems are now available at S$36 for an eight-pack at selected Dorothy Perkins outlets, GARAGE at Orchard Central, Maternity Exchange and Soon Lee. They can also be ordered online at

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


Hazel Coulter

I used to buy skinny jeans, because of my great figure right now. and now I wonder what will I do to make my old jeans wear again, but these steps will help me to do better about my problem.


Hi Sylvia, I just stumbled upon your blog today while I was researching info on Beaute Pacifique. You are one of many people with a positive experience with this brand, I am excited to see. If you are still struggling with outbreaks, could it be something in your diet? I just know for myself that my skin reacts to it if I try to digest too much citrus, tomatoes, dairy, sugar or preservatives and I can _not at all_ have anything deep fried (spring rolls, crisps, fries etc.). Look into it if you haven’t, just stopping having one type of food for three weeks made me realize how much it affected my skin. And, of course, leafy greens, water, essential fat etc. is good, but everybody knows that, right… 😉 Keep up the good work! 🙂


Hi Christina. You are most probably right. I eat too much sugar and love tomatoes. However, I’m not ready / able to give that up. I’ve tried before, but am still a carbs addict! I was recommended a clarifying mask by Beaute Pacifique which I really liked. (trying a sample). Should buy that soon….


Hi Sylvia,

I’m curios, can you also visually see improvement on your skin after testing Beaute Pacifique, not only on the scan?


Hi Anja, I always find it very hard to judge as it is difficult to remember my skin from a few months back, but yes I believe it looks better and a bit fuller. I’m still using their vitamin A cream as well as the cleanser and masque.


Sounds great. You’re right, it can be difficult to remember, but thought you perhaps had taken before and after pictures.

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