Singapore streetstyle: Mieke looking great in colors

by Sylvia

Colorful flower dress worn by over 40 woman

I don’t think it’s a coicidence that these pictures again feature a stylish 40+ woman wearing colors to great effect. Color tends to look great on women over 40 and lift the often paler complexion.

This lady caught my eye while I was in Singapore’s Mandarin gallery to attend a shop’s birthday party. The lady turned out to be Mieke, a financial manager from the Netherlands, currently here to accompany her husband for a business trip. Note how this dress is perfect for her body type and how the cardigan creates a nice vertical line, further lengthening her.

Singapore street style photography mieke

Thank you so much for having your picture taken Mieke. I hope your short visit to Singapore was enjoyable!

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Mieke was so sweet to pose for you and I admire her colorful printed dress. She sets a good example for all of us. I might actually try to find a bright sundress to wear in 2012. One that will go with my orange shoes. 🙂


She was. I’m sure a great sundress would brighten up your day 🙂

The Style Confessions

Love her outfit! I agree, I can’t wear all black the way I used to. Color interests me more these days too, it’s like I can’t get enough of it.


Since visiting Europe I’m more determined than ever to encourage more color. The streets are so gloomy with all that black and grey. Most (older) women look so much better with a bit of color!

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