Fashion inspiration from recently graduated students in Singapore

by Sylvia

I love fashion as art. I fully intend to dress more artfully and eccentric in the future. Not quite ready for that yet, but whenever I get a chance, I like to see what creative ideas designers can come up with and how they create fashion that is both arty and wearable. That’s why I was keen to see what the graduates of the Temasek Polytechnic school of Design came up with in their graduation show.

Crystal How Wen Jia – Easy Rider

I quite like the silhouette of the girl in the front. Making quite a statement!

Eugenice Chen Yuetong – Morning Mist

A sporty and laid back collection.

Stephanie Pang Xi Ya – Minute Destruction

Interesting dress design; I could wear this!

Samantha Yeo Siew Ting – Facette

Great for younger women. What a gorgeous colour!

Here is the more mature version.

Loving this one too!

Felicia Loi Wei Kun – Urban Skin

Also uses the wide harem-like pants.

Loving this dress!

Look how gorgeous it is on the back.

Grace Chia Gek Ling – The lady and the tempt

This fits right in with Anja’s suggestion on covering up your arms but still having cutouts.

Loving this jump suit! Or is it 2 separates?

Another dress I would love to wear.

Hao Liyuan – Yuan Yuan

The kids in the show got the biggest applause!

Muhammad Taufiq Bin Abdul

Very romantic evening wear.

It was an enjoyable evening full of wonderful fashion, although I feel that the students could have pushed their designs a bit further.

What do you think? Do you think we are looking at future international designers? Which is your favorite?

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I am actually impressed by these designs. How cool that you were able to see the runway show. I am sure the clothes looked great in motion. I would have picked the asymmetrical dress from “Minute Destruction” and the long, wide pants from “The Lady and the Tempt” as being your favorites pieces. 🙂
I would wear the dress with the low back and cut out long sleeves from “Urban Skin” and the long purple gown from “Facette”. It would be awesome to wear a one of a kind garment by a designer who is as yet undiscovered. If you wore the look with confidence you could be the talk of the party!
The children are adorable! So colorful.


Hi Suzanne. Glad you enjoyed the designs! Yes I like both those designs a lot; you are really getting to know me 🙂 Yes I could picture that on you. That dress is great for petites. Loving your other choice as well!


Cool to attend such an event as a fashion blogger and fashion lover as yourself!!

My favs are the dress with the sliced open sleeves, the dress with the cut out shoulders and the drop-of-shoulders top and pants. Different, yet feminine, wearable and flattering designs.

Personally I can really enjoy the look, eccentricity and creativity of fashion as art, but I have no desire to wear it. It is more like eye candy for me, I guess. Not because I would not dare to wear it, but I often simply don’t find it flattering in all it’s arty-ness.


Yes, you have a point. Yet I feel I have to push the boundaries a bit bore.

Paula Robinson

I would have loved to have seen that show. So many pieces to like. Next question – where to buy?!



No idea! I’m hoping that the designers will see this blog and let us know!

The Style Crone

I loved the first photo – interesting structures and silhouettes. I think it’s fun and energizing to push the envelope, so to speak.


Yes, unfortunately did not have many good photos from that collection. It was quite a challenging photographing in this light and I brought the wrong lense….


I might not wear most of these arty pieces, but I do appreciate a designer who is fashion-forward. I like the Urban Skin looks the most. The outfits have a sort of military edge.


Yes, great collection. Thanks for the feedback Reeda!


I love the first two garments by Grace Cha Gek Ung. As someone who falls into the category of not always wanting my arms to show, I love the ability to be selective in “showing some skin” without going sleeveless.


Thanks Sharon. I wonder if Grace knows that this can be so good for us!


I am not into fashion as art, because usually you cannot really wear it. At least that was my frame of mind when I started to read your article. But I admit, most pieces of what you show us, is very wearable. Not for me, as I would like the hem longer, or the front higher… or… whatever. But for a lot of women over 40, these are very good stylish items. I would choose the jumpsuit (or 2 pieces).
Amazing that you were allowed to photograph at all. Designers are usually very protective. Perhaps these young designers want (need) as much publicity as they can get?
There is a little shop in Amsterdam where young designers, fresh from fashion academy, sell their clothes or belts or necklaces. Usually there are pieces in the shop of about 10 to 12 designers. Each designer can prove himself of herself for half a year. Very nice concept. You can pick up really unique pieces for a very very reasonable price. It is called Young Designers United (figures).


What a great idea, that shop. That seems like a great opportunity for young designers!


Many of the items shown are more fashion then art, that’s why they seem (and are) wearable, I think.
For me the definition of ‘fashion as art’ is, that the art-ness goes before the wearability or flatteringness. Meaning that the design is mainly expressing something very unusual, innovative and …well…..arty. E.g. Iris van Herpen’s fashion is really ‘fashion as art’ for me. And Viktor and Rolf on the runway when the models wear pillows as if they carry around their beds on their bodies. I am totally wowed by concepts and creations like that, but I leave the wearing of it to Lady Gaga…hahaha…


Hmm I see that the topic if fashion as art is another topic entirely. These creations were not that arty, I agree, but for fashion to be art to me, it doesn’t have to be over the top. It can be arty and wearable. I would even argue that Lady Gaga’s is more costumery rather than arty fashion. I will write about this again some time….


Yes, that’s a great idea. It is not that I have given it so much thought, so exchanging thoughts about it seems very interesting to me… Looking forward to that post;-)

Taufiq Razak

Hi guys the last collection that name was not displayed was my collection. My name appeared in the first 20 seconds and there were some technical fault and the screen went blank. Anyways, you can update the title name: Muhammad Taufiq Bin Abdul Razak- La Muraille De Gemme

Hope you guys love all of our designs 🙂


thanks Taufiq. Lovely to hear from you. I’ve updated the article.

Ling Cai

Hi Taufiq!!

Hope this finds you well. I love your designs above! Wish I could have been there to see it in person 🙂

I’m reaching out to you because my business partner and I are launching a fashion website dedicated to helping emerging designers in Asia. I quit my job at Gucci and she quit her job at Goldman Sachs earlier this year to pursue our dream.

We want to change the way emerging designers and shoppers connect. The idea is to let designers upload their designs on to our platform and decide up front how many pieces they want to sell. Designers only produce these pieces once they have received the total number of pre-orders. This approach benefits both the designer and shoppers. Designers only produce pieces that have already been paid for, while shoppers get to discover and support emerging talent and get a unique piece of merchandise in return! No need to worry about excess inventory or slow-moving stock!

If this is something you may be interested in, please email me at I’d love you to explain in further detail.

Hope to hear from you!


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