Shortcut to being stylish and trendy: statement jewellery

by Sylvia

Karen London jewellery

First of all congratulations to Erin Low, who won the beautiful and colourful Asrey bracelet from my recent Jooix contest! I hope you enjoy your new accessory and feel free to upload a photo of you wearing it to our style forum! I will reveal the winner of my most recent contest for a red dress and contemporary bracelet tomorrow.

One of the books I’ve been reading on my recent detox retreats was The Essentials of Fabulous by Ellen Lubin-Sherman. I will write more on this book later, but one of the points she makes to look fabulous is to wear bold and interesting statement necklaces. As you know I couldn’t agree more, so when I found these fabulous colourful necklaces from Karen London, I wanted to show them to you.

They are a great way to add extra colour and pizazz to your outfit and show your fun personality. They are all available online for purchase. Take for example this gorgeous Indian Gold Necklace which features an eye-catching, floral design with bright blue tones.

Karen London jewellery

Yellow and green jewellery

She also writes: “grow older and get wackier” , wear bolder accessories and more saturated colours. I agree. And what could be better than this totally gorgeous cuff? You will find that it will be a great conversation starter as well!

sea resort cuff bracelet

The following necklace is fun as well and features turtles.

Karen London green turtle necklace

Last not not least is this rock turtle cuff bracelet. Elegant and fun and it adds the season’s hit colour orange to your outfit!

Rock turtle cuff bracelet from karen london

Would you wear this jewellery or is it too playful for you?


1 Lisa

These pieces are gorgeous. I love a bold accessory and even though they have a playful style, they are beautifully crafted and would be a great wardrobe ‘exclamation point’. Life is short…playing it safe is boring!!

2 Sylvia

I so agree!

3 Nanne

Beautiful pieces, I particularly love the turtle cuff. I like to wear statement jewelry on occasions, and I’m actually on the lookout for a few items. The ones here are a little too pricey for my budget, but a great inspiration:)

4 Sylvia

Hope you find something fun Nanne!

5 GreetjeKamminga

I think Karens stuff is beautiful. Would have liked the Sea Resort Bracelet. But like Nanne, it is too pricy for me. But… if there is anybody who loves a statement necklace, it is me. Check some of my pieces out on this blogs Style Forum. I uploaded a couple of them last month. The person who made them has a limited number of similar items still for sale in a webshop (€ 59- € 120). This is the link.
It is Dutch website I am afraid, but if you see something you like, I can help.
They are also statement necklaces but very different from Karens jewellery,. Karens jewellery is more lasting as she uses silver and precious stones which is of course why her pieces cost a bit more. You will have them for life then.

6 Sylvia

thanks for the link and tip Greetje. Some great jewellery there…

7 erin

Sylvia, I have received the bracelet. I will post a photo as soon as I figure out how to use your forum 🙂 Many thanks for hosting the giveaway!

8 Sylvia

Excellent Erin! I look forward to seeing it.

9 Ana

Oh, I would definitely wear these, particularly the cuffs.

10 Suzanne

I am in love with this jewelry! The colors are amazing! And I adore turtles and frogs. I just bought a turtle necklace for my daughter. I would wear any of these pieces. You have shown us many different lines of jewelry but this is my favorite! So cute!

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