Sculptural contemporary jewelry by Natalia Krasnodebska

by Sylvia

Sculptural rings by Natalia Krasnodebska

One of my desires has been to be a jewelry designer. A few years back I bought some books, and actually thought about doing it and starting a course.

But sometimes you just need to realise that some of the things that you dream you would like to do, are just not the things that you CAN actually do or would even ENJOY doing. I do believe in following your heart and passion, but sometimes you also have to be realistic and realise that some professions are just not for you.

I think I liked the IDEA of being a jewelry designer, but I don’t actually like to do all the actual work. Contemporary Rings

I have never been very handy so I soon came to realise that jewelry design and creation was not for me. In fact I will probably have much more fun admiring the amazing work of others and writing about it as I’m doing now. It’s important that with the actual work that you are doing, you enjoy the actual process and not just the end goal.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Greg Anderson

So let’s enjoy the now and just admire the work from a gifted jewelry designer, who, I’m sure enjoys both the journey and the destination.

Natalia Krasnodebska

sculptural rings

Natalia, who is originally from Poland, was raised in Austalia and South East Asia.

She later moved to New York, where she has setup shop.

From her website:

Tying together the precision of 3D modelling with traditional goldsmithing techniques, her jewelry seeks to combine the languages of science and art.

I think she does that beautifully. I am in love with all her pieces! Her jewelry can be admired at her website where you will also find further stockist details.

Contemporary jewelry

What do you think?

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Anja van der Vorst

Not my cup of tea, but you probably already expected that from me;-)…


Still it’s kinda more is more….


Kinda, yeah;-). But MY preferred ‘more is more’ often has: color (usually even a lot of color), shine (instead of matte), small details and soft, round shapes. I am a fan of the happy, funny and/or romantic ‘more is more’.
Ah well, fortunately tastes and styles differ;-).


I come from very classic, traditional jewellery and am moving towards more contemporary. So this is a step too far for me. Hans Appenzeller I appreciate very much but Natalia is not for me.
I can see that she makes quality work and can think outside the box. Perhaps I don’t like it because the two top rings remind me of a spider, which is definitely not my favourite animal. But no, that is not it. It is just not my taste.


I have decided that I will stay with my original love for modern contemporary jewelry. As much as I love some classic jewelry (like the watches) I think I want to add an even more modern edge to me with jewelry. I think it would be great to wear a statement piece like this!


Thank you for the lovely blog post Sylvia!

I agree my jewelry is not for everyone, it is as much sculpture as jewelry, but absolutely can be worn as a dramatic statement piece – just don’t try to get your keys out of your pocket! 😉


Lovely to hear from you Natalia. As mentioned I absolute love your pieces, so keep up the good work!

The Style Crone

I love these pieces! So interesting and unique. I too struggle with which direction to go as I would love to do so many new things. Love your quote about the ‘journey.’


I knew some of my readers would like them! Thanks for the feedback.

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