Going grey for the Roc Sublime Energy launch event

by Sylvia

Roc Sublime energy eye cream review Singapore

You know that I’m in a colourful phase at the moment, but last week I attended the launch of Rocs new range of Sublime Energy creams and the dress code was grey. So I thought it was a good time to wear this old silver grey dress I bought in Australia a looooong time ago.

It’s a very thin (shine through) dress so perfect to wear over capris. Since it’s quite open at the side, I also needed to wear something underneath. A nice statement necklace spiced up the look a bit and since I always get told off by Singaporeans that I’m too tall with heels, I chose to wear my flats this time. 

A little more about the new Roc range

Since this is quite a new concept for a cream, I think you will find it interesting to hear about that as well. The new Roc Sublime Energy range features day, night & eye creams that, according to Roc, is the world’s first electro-stimulation technology in a cream.

Now, if you are like me, you may not understand much about how electricity works and certainly not when it comes to your face! So let me explain a bit.

About electro stimulation

Think of your body as a giant battery. Since the day you were born, it uses bio-electricity as an electrical signalling system to optimise communication between cells. When cells actively ‘talk’ to each other, skin repairs itself to stay youthful, baby-smooth, and blissfully free of dullness and fine lines.

Unfortunately, as we age, these bio-electric signals between cells diminish, leading to the reduced production of essential proteins such as collagen and elastin, which can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone and other signs of aging.

Inspired by electro-stimulation technology, RoC Sublime Energy instantly recreates thousands of imperceptible micro-currents to power skin’s natural repair systems, using E-PULSETM Skin Electro-Stimulation Technology.

How does it work exactly?

The E-PULSE technology harnesses the natural energy generated from combining essential minerals zinc and copper to create a continuous low-intensity flow of micro-currents directly to the skin. By doing this, it fuels cell-to-cell communication to increase the production of collagen and elastin. Thus, it supercharges skin’s renewal process to reveal dramatic results.


Roc Sublime energy creams works differently from other creams and involves 2 steps:

  1. Apply the grey E-PULSE concentrate over face and neck (it turns colourless when applied). This concentrate contains the energised micro- particles of zinc and copper which will be activated in Step 2. This substance feels very smooth and silky and disappears instantly into your face.
  2. Delicately massage the activating moisturiser on top of the concentrate. This triggers the zinc and copper micro-particles to start mimicking the body’s native electrical signals that rebuild and restore youthful-looking skin.

My first thoughts

This is a very interesting concept. The black cream feels like silk and once the white cream goes over it you can feel a slight sensation. It seems that the eye cream is the star performer of this set, and I will certainly try that one on a regular basis. Time will have to tell if this works!

Want to try it for yourself!

If you are in Singapore, I have 5 sample packs of RoC SUBLIME ENERGY Day + Night + Eye to give away, so you can try it for yourself! All you will need to is is answer this question, either here on the blog or on my Facebook page.

I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because _____________________________________.

You have 2 weeks to come with an answer. Don’t miss this opportunity to try this revolutionary cream!

Of course if you’re not in Singapore but still would like to answer the question, I’d love to read it! Also, how do you feel about me going back to neutrals? 

p.s. More images of outfit and event can be found on my facebook page.

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Bella Q

Ive been loving your color phase but this turn as greek goddess does you nicely.


Ha ha, greek goddess sounds good to me 🙂

Jean at Dross into Gold

This is a very sophisticated look, although it seems comfortable as well, and neutrals are always good. I really like the way you styled the dress.


Thanks Jean. Yes for sure, this outfit was super comfortable! As always it was freezing in the restaurant so had to pair it with a cardigan.


It’s amazing how the watch and shoes really frame the outfit just perfectly and give it attitude. Nice! Interesting about the Roc line. I use one of their eye creams.


Thanks Joni. Yes you definitely need some accessories to make this look a bit more interesting!

my thrifty closet

I love the subtle colors of your outfit, and the simple accessorizing, looks classy and stylish. Very nice resort style. Heard a lot about ROc. I like the “technology” behind the product, sounds great!


my thrifty closet

I am definitely excited to try them! I am in my 40’s now so these products would give my skin the essential nourishment!


Thanks Mongs!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

You look very fluid and chic in this gray dress – I really like it! I have used other ROC creams, so I will def. look into this – thanks for the information : >


Thanks Patti. Pity you’re not in Singapore. I could have sent you some samples….

The Style Crone

I like the neutral look and it’s always fun to mix it up. The addition of the jewelry and sandals added just the right touches.


Thanks Judith. Yes I think the necklace and shoes were pretty good for this outfit!


I absolutely love the entire ‘look’ in your photo! Smashing!


Thank you Helen

Rachel {Raw-kul}

I love grey and often say that it is the new black. 🙂 Love your smile! 🙂


Thanks Rachel. Smiling works as the best accessory when you are older! Some readers have also commented that they like my smiling pictures which cheers them up. All the more reason to have smiling fashion photographs rather than the usual gloomy ones….


Well done. Although colours are my favourite, I have to admit that this outfit is chic. As I understand it is also very comfortable. What a good combination! Good necklace. Very nice. All in all you look good.
As far as Roc is concerned…. I am not into beauty products at all. Funny really.
I use good creams but I am convinced that nothing helps if you haven’t got the right genes. And I haven’t. Damage is already done. Just saw a photo which my nextdoor neighbour added to my album on Facebook. Horrible. An old hag.


Thanks Greetje. As far as creams are concerned, I think that some specialised creams can make a difference. Certainly in protecting your skin from the elements like sun. But as you say genes play a big part too….


I think this is a wonderful outfit. It looks very cool and chic. It has a Grecian look that I really like.
Thanks for the info about the Roc


Thank you Debbie!

Charlotta, Afternoon Apparel

Such a modern and beautifully minimal outfit! Love the accessories! Have a splendid Friday! xo


Thanks Charlotte. You too!


Which do I use first the consentre E- pulse or the hydrant activateur?


The black stuff (E-pulse) is first and then you apply the white cream the hydrant activateur. Good luck!


I like the outfit, but I also think gray is a difficult color to wear for most people. I prefere to see you in color! :-)The shoes are fantastic!

About the cream system. Very interesting, but apart from Roc’s own statements do you know if there are there any scientific data somewhere to back this up? I’m not saying it won’t work, I’m just heavily into hard facts and evidence. There is too much mumbo jumbo snake oil science out there that companies spit out AND that we so much want to hear and hope is true. How has it worked for you so far?


Yes, I’m more into colour now too. But since the dress code was grey it was a good opportunity to wear this old dress again. I still like the model!
I think the company did research on it but am not sure about other research. It has not become a favorite cream of mine as I prefer one step instead of 2 and the cream was a bit flaky on my skin.

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