I contemplated whether or not I should do a ‘resolutions’ article this year. As I mentioned last year I quite like the idea of living in the moment and the ‘no goals’ movement that is popular with some people. On the other hand it’s good to have some targets and I realised that I fell short on some of mine from last year. Since I feel that these resolutions could apply to many more of you I thought I’d post them again and fine tune them a bit for this year.

Another reason I decided to post them, is that I really love to get some idea of what your resolutions. So I hope you will share them with me!

Here are some of mine:

1. Do more strength exercizes

This is often mentioned as one of the most important things you can do to avoid being weaker in older age and as the prevention of osteoporosis. As I suspected I fell way short on this one. I’m not sure if I’m determined enough to succeed this year, but I feel I need to strengthen my back and am planning on doing more Pilates. Hopefully that counts?

2. Do regular yoga

As much as I have tried to really like yoga, I still find it tough exercize. Maybe it’s because the yoga studio I’m practising is just too good! They are very particular on doing each stance correctly and I have learned so much this year. But the downside is that it’s just plain hard work. I like the really relaxing yoga that just releases the stress. I realise, however, that this would be a real cop out as it wouldn’t actually help strengthen my body. Since I’m planning to do more Pilates than yoga this year, I have changed the ‘weekly’ to ‘regular’.

3. Eat less sugar

I changed this into a more specific resolution. I generally eat pretty healthy but the main culprit of bad habits in my eating is sugar, which I also wrote about in my article: how to quit sugar and stop sugar cravings. I believe that too much sugar is unhealthy and I’m still due to read the book why we get fat (I got side tracked by 2 fabulous fashion books I’ve been reading: D.V. and The House of Gucci). I made little progress on this resolution this year, so I’m really hoping that this book will persuade me to cut the sugar drastically. Other than that I follow most of the guidelines in the article of my husband on weight loss without diets.

4. Make time for friends

Still a very important resolution for me. This site takes a lot of my time and some of my friends have left Singapore. I really need to make more time to meet people face to face and find new friends offline too. As you may well know, meeting face to face with friends on a regular basis actually contributes greatly to our happiness and when we are happy, we look and feel better as well.

5. Cut the frumpiness

I made some good progress on this resolution. I make more of an effort to dress up as I go out, even to a point that my husband feels I’m overdoing it. He is very much the very casual dressing type and I usually look overdressed next to him. But I’m enjoying it and feel so much better. I can still make improvements with my hair and makeup and could plan my outfits better beforehand. As you may already know I’m having the new year style challenge next week (please join in!), which should give us all a head start to look even better in 2013. Look good, feel good!

6. Add more color

I wore more colour than ever before in 2012, but I feel I can do even better. I will be keen to add more bright colours to my wardrobe in terms of clothes and accessories and be even more creative with it. Expect plenty of articles on colour this year, as we still need to brighten up those streets. A great plus it that you will almost always receive more compliments on your clothes when you wear colour!

7. Do something you are passionate about

This has many benefits. Studies have shown that having either a job or a hobby that you are passionate about,  keeps you younger and more alert. It also helps to make you happier and more motivated in everything you do. That is the reason I started this site and I’m so pleased that so many of you have responded to it. It is so rewarding to get your messages and comments that this site has helped you in some way. My other passion is to show others how they can do something with their passion too! To that end I will be holding a talk on 18 January at local women’s organisation Wings, where the topic of my talk will be: From passion, to blog, to business! I will share my knowledge on how you can turn your passion into a blog and possibly a business, using your free time, free tools and a lot of your passion about the subject. If you are in Singapore and wish to attend (it’s free), let me know!

8. Do something that scares you every day

I’m not great with stress and like to stay within my comfort zone. However, I feel it’s important to challenge yourself, learn and do new things. And that requires stepping out of  that comfort zone on a regular basis and take active steps towards your goals. To that purpose I intend to do more public speaking and workshops, create more videos, possibly even a podcast and do more projects with others. Let’s see how far I can come this year!

9. Do the right thing for your health

You always realise how important your health is when you’re unwell. Without your health there is not much you can do at all. So it’s important to make the right choices and actions. My back ache and posture are still issues I have not conquered and as mentioned before I should also control my sugar intake and need to work on my fitness.

10. Have more Fun

I’m still a bit too serious and need to have more fun! I’m actually thinking of doing some Zumba classes (which would help with fitness too) and I’m planning on singing in a pop choir this year. Let’s hope there will be lots of other opportunities to have fun as well. In the meantime let’s have fun on this site too! And if I can’t provide it, I can always count on my trusty contributors (Rita, Greetje, Suzanne to name but a few)!

Do you have any resolutions for this year? Or are there some habits you want to change?

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