Questions and answers about the style course!

by Sylvia

Questions and answers about the upcoming style course!

As you may know I created a style course. Many of you have already signed up and are eager to start your style journey.

Some of you were confused about how the course is conducted so I thought I would address some of the questions I received here, so you can decide if this course is for you! 

Is the course run over 21 days or do I have more time?

The course is designed for you to take a step (lesson) every day. However, since you have unlimited access to the course you can take as long or a little time as you like!

Do I need to upload images or answer questions online?

Interaction and active participation is not compulsory but encouraged as it improves your learning experience and encourages you to experiment and have FUN with fashion.

Answering questions can de done anonymously (only your user name will be visible) so if you don’t want to share anything else, you could just do that or do the course privately at home.

Is this only for those that are in a style rut?

Absolutely not! This course is for everyone who likes to take their style to the next level or likes to explore or finetune their unique style. Our style is always evolving and changes as we ourselves change.

Some of the current participants are familiar to me and they already have lots of style!  Others are doing this course for the second time and like to go through the exercizes or have fun sharing their style with the community again.

This course makes you stop and think about your style decisions and explores new ways to look even better.

No matter where you are in your style journey, I know you will get something out of participating in this course.

Can I see the daily lessons and take part if I’m not registered?

No, this style course is only for registered members and will take place privately at

Do I need to be on Facebook to join?

No. You will answer all questions in the private style course forum for which you will be automatically registered when you sign up for the course. Participation is voluntary but you will find that if you complete all questions and style assignments you get the most out of the course. For those that enjoy interacting on Facebook though, I created a special private Facebook group for style course members that can be used in addition to the private forum.

Do I need to be on Pinterest?

No, but Pinterest is highly encouraged and I will give you pin assignments each day! It’s an excellent way to track your style journey and to keep track of everything that inspires you relating to your personal style.

Will there still be free daily articles at 40+Style?

Yes of course! This site is very important to me and content will continue as usual with 5-7 articles each week.

Will you join us?

You can sign up here.

Still have more questions? I will be happy to answer them!

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Hi Sylvia!

I am feeling a bit confused about this, is this the same style course that you have had on offer before? I bought it over a year ago (I think it was) and I would like to know if this is the same material with the added bonus of new discussions or if there is something new in the actual course material?

Since I doubt that I can keep up with the pace of the course (an assignment every day seems way too much for me with everything else that I have to keep up with) I am wondering if I will just be stuck with the same materials that I already have if I join now. Will I be able to see what other participants have been posting after this session is over?

I think that the material in the course I have is great (even though I have not gotten very far in working through it) and this sounds like fun but I am feeling a bit doubtful that it would be worth the money to purchase again.



It’s the same material but tweaked and updated with a few new things and it will include the complete style course (21 lessons total). All those who purchased the course before have been emailed on how to register at no cost. Did you not receive the email or perhaps unsubscribed from the list? The material will be available to you always and can be worked through in your own time.
Please contact me by email if you still wish to register.



I am really looking forward to doing this course.
I have looked at some Bloggers that are on your page, and I was very impressed.
I live in a very small, very hot country town in Queensland-Australia.
But it also gets below -4 in Winter.
So I am hoping to find the new me style that I can wear all year, and yet fit in with my surroundings.
At the moment I am all over the place, trying to work out a style that is really me.



I look forward to seeing your style in the course Jilian. You may already like to update your profile and create your Pinterest board!



My web site is not up and running yet. I still need to learn more computer skills…
I have a Pinterest Board, but I am not sure of how to join it to this site.
I plan to make most of my clothes, so I have stopped buying until I have worked out my new style.
I am 5’1 1/2″ tall and nearly as wide.
Being a Inverted Triangle, it is really hard to learn what suits me.
I am also a 20 E Bust, so that does not help, with the Broad Shoulders.
Sorry I have taken so long to start with the lessons. But I hope to finish with everyone else.


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