Pretty black and white dresses for a fashion lunch

by Sylvia

black and white dresses for a fashion lunch |

Dresses were by far the most popular outfit at the fashion lunch I attended a while ago. I have already featured many of them hereherehere and here.

This week, let’s focus on an all-time favorite combination: black and white!

Simple and chic in black and white | Pretty dresses in black and white | pretty dresses for a fashion lunch | body-con polkadot black and white dress |

Which is your favorite dress from the above?


1 Lisa

I like the 3rd dress in the top picture (although I’d never wear it) and the last dress (which I conceivably would.) I like that necklace, too.

2 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

Polka dot!!! I also love the aline shift with the cowl neckline.

3 Deb

My favourite is the white dress in the second photo as it is so simple and classic. The polka dot dress in the last photo is special too. In writing that, all the ladies look nice and well put together.

4 Annette

Plenty of gorgeous ladies and dresses! My favourite is definitely the polka dot dress – perfect and I just love the entire look!

Annette | Lady of Style

5 Suzanne

The last one by a country mile. Cute, sexy and a bit quirky. It has it all.


6 Patti

Love the polka dot dress and her fabulous hair! All the ladies look great.

7 Ann

All of the ladies look good. I really like the dresses in the first picture.

blue hue wonderland

8 denton

Strangely enuf (Lisa) I love all of the top ones _except_ #3, which strikes me as overly complicated and leaves me wondering if that black bra is a bra, or a camisole, or whatever.

I also love both in the second photo; simple b&w in two different styles.

I love the last one but not sure if it’s because she’s so gorgeous and quirky or if it’s the dress.

9 Elaine

I love the simple black dress in #2. The necklace is extraordinary! The polka dot dress is a great look too. I would wear either one.

10 Greetje Kamminga

I am with Denton… The last dress… gorgeous, but is it because the dress is gorgeous or the girl? I do like polka dots and I do like the length of the dress and I do like the fact it is so tight (not that I will wear it like that anymore, but it reminds me of one of my perfect dresses in the past). Also the white dress on the left in the top photo is very much to my taste, very elegant. I also like the dresses in the second picture: simple but very flattering. Nice pendant necklace too.

11 tiffisastarr

I love the white with black polka dots. All the ladies look chic and confident.

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