In our last section of our over 40 makeup lesson we discussed the eyebrows and eyes. Here we will proceed with the final touches of the makeup as we proceed with blusher, bronzer and concealer.


Blusher is used to add some extra colour to the face to make your cheeks appear naturally healthier.Before applying blusher make sure to dab your brush into a tissue first to avoid a big plash of colour concentrating on one place. You can use a sponge to blend the blusher well over your face. The clip below shows clearly where you should apply the blusher.


Bronzer is something I do not normally use so it was interesting to learn how you can use it to define and contour your face. You use it to highlight the prominent part of your face and to draw attention away from the shadows at the side or a facial shape that is not desired. Unfortunately, I don’t have a video clip of this section.


I talked about concealer in the first section of our over 40 makeup lesson where Maninder explained that is better to  apply concealer last, so that you can cover up any smudges from the other makeup. Of course, the concealer will also be used to cover up the dark shadows under the eyes. As explained before it is best to use a fluid concealer for the thin and sensitive skin underneath the eyes. Concealer is then applied by tapping the concealer on to the face as the clip below will demonstrate.

Well, there you have it. That’s the end of the makeup lesson. So how did I look after the session? Here are some before and after pictures. Let me know what you think!

Makeup lesson - before and after

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