New York New York! Plans and dreams. Who will meet me there?

by Sylvia

New York

One of my desires this year is to visit New York.

Not so much for the sites (I have been a few times before) but to make connections, get inspired, meet fellow bloggers, interview inspiring 40+ women, meet my photographer and meet YOU!

Although I’m not very good at planning ahead, I feel I need to do that this time. I want to get the time right and connect with as many of you as possible.

So here are the tentative plans:

Blogger meetup

From a professional point of view I prefer to visit during New York Fashion Week (from 10-17 September). I would love to taste the atmosphere and perhaps attend a show, take street photographs, join fashion parties and be inspired by the fashion vibe in New York city.

The other option is August.  I could travel straight from The Netherlands and perhaps combine my New York visit with Suzanne’s 40+ blogger gathering in Vancouver.

Therefore, there could be two 40+blogger meetups: one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast!

I already have a few of my fellow bloggers interested in a meetup in New York also, so I would like to know who else is game and what are your preferences in terms of dates? Can you please fill in the form attached and let me know?

Reader meetup

I would also consider a gathering of readers to go for a shopping trip. If you’re a reader and you would be able to make a gathering in New York, please fill in the form below.

Successful (mini) blogging conference

Then I also have an even more ambitious idea. I would love to do a one day blogger conference! This would be suitable for any bloggers that would want to learn how to be successful bloggers although it would probably appeal most to the bloggers in the 40+ community. Successful does not necessarily mean financially successful although that could be a topic too. One idea is that anyone who could come sends in questions that they like answers to.

It could be a fabulous learning and networking event. I wouldn’t really have time to organise a location and facilities from here, but perhaps if there was enough interest, someone (from New York?) could help with this? I would be happy to do a few workshops or lectures and perhaps other bloggers want to contribute too. I would not do this for profit but it would be important to cover costs and break-even on this event. Please let me know what you think of this, if you would like to come, and if you would be able to help.

Please note that I’m only testing the waters here as to how much interest there would be for such an event. I think that chances of this actually happening this year are slim. But who knows? Perhaps, if there is a lot of interest, we can make it work?

So let me know if you are keen to come to New York too and when, so I can plan my trip!


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