New trend: the polka dot, some shopping ideas


Polka Dot Fall trend 2011

Marc Jacobs featured the Polka Dot in all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes in his 2011 fall collection, and the Polka Dot trend has now become one of the most popular trends this fall in the bloghosphere. Marc Jacobs highlighted that the polka dot can be very chic indeed. Note the chic hem lines and lovely silluettes?

So how have other stores interpreted the Polka Dot trend?

Polka dot trend for fall 2011 - Zara collection

Zara is usually quick to feature new trends in their collections and its current collection features quite a few items with a polka dot. I love the black and white polka dot dress at top left. They also offer quite a few accessories in the polka dot trend. This is a great way to incorporate the trend into your own wardrobe without having to go polkadot all over. I’m absolutely LOVING the hat! Should really try to get my hands on one of those. It would go very nice with one of my favorite fall 2011 trends Men’s Wear. As would that wonderful polkadot tie and shirt!

Some other Polka Dot dresses I found

Polka dot dresses suitable for the over 40 woman


I’m not sure if I will get a dress, but I would like to get at least something in polka dot, like the above hat or shirt. How about you? Do you like the Polka Dot trend? Will you you buy something with a Polka Dot?

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I am afraid I am not that courageous to go polka dot all over…but I like playing with accessories. This trend is timeless! I adore the 40’s.

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