Neutral dresses as worn during a Singapore fashion lunch

by Sylvia

Neutral dresses as worn during a Singapore fashion lunch |

After showcasing some of the best printed dresses here and here and as well as colorful dresses, let’s have a look at some more neutral colored dresses as worn during the Singapore fashion lunch. Even though you will find a few more printed colorful dresses and other outfits as well!

gorgeous black and gray dresses | dressing up for a fashion lunch |

This lady is Yana Fry from Yana Fry Pte Ltd. I was impressed by her beautiful maxi dress AND her great hair cut!

beautiful maxi dress |

short blond hairstyle |

short blond hairstyle from the side |

short blond hairstyle from the back |

blue and black dresses and high heels |  beautiful neutral and colorful dresses |   printed maxi dress and white dress |

What would you prefer to wear to a fashion lunch? A more neutral dress or bright and colorful?


Greetje Kamminga

I think the soft grey dress in the second photo is really beautiful. If that would have suited me, than I think this would be my choice for such an event.
Indeed Yana’s dress is beautiful. And I also love the white lacy dress in the last picture, with the laid-back sandals and the beautiful green jewellery (big want).

Aileen Wrennall

I like the neutral look very much and all the ladies look great. My favourite style is the first dress with leggings. It is a modern look I’m really enjoying wearing myself.


With the exception of the far too short black dress for a 40+ woman, all these woman look lovely. Personally, I love neutrals, they are so easy to mix and match and their subtlety is so pleasing to my eye, both in clothing and decorating. My favourite here is the soft grey dress in the second photo.


I do love that maxi that you pointed out but all the ladies look lovely.

You know me, it’d have to be colour.



I love neutrals, but today I’d choose Ms. Fry’s gorgeous maxi dress (and that hair!) xo

Pam (Grey is the New Black)

I love the dress with the leggings and the maxi dress.


I’d go for a neutral dress and especially love the lady in her silver grey dress in the second photo. It looks so light and airy and seems to to be fantastic choice for an occasion like that on a hot summer’s day.

Annette | Lady of Style

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