My first sale purchase – the mustard yellow dress

by Sylvia

yellow dress from alldressedup

Sale season has started and I have already bought af few items. This green/ yellow dre3s is from my favorite label Alldressedup and readers will not be surprised that I like the style of this dress. It ticks all the items on my personal style list as its

  • Comfortable,
  •  Colourful,
  • Quality material,
  • Playful and
  • Asymmetric.

asymmetric necklace

The asymetric necklace is a piece I acquired a while ago in Bali. Perfect for adding a bit more asymmetry!

yellow dress detail

My trusted comfortable high heeled shoes from Ecco.

Ecco black shoes

I think this silk dress will be to be a valuable addition to my wardrobe. It looks great worn over pants too!

Alldressedup drape dress

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Rachel {Raw-kul}

I like this color! I had a jacket this color 20 years ago and I managed to wear it with just about everything. And being a big lover of mustard (the spread), I would say yes to this little number! Great necklace and heels too! 🙂


Thanks! I have never liked this colour! So it’s a big change for me. But sofar so good!


That is one of my favorite colors and it looks great on you! I think I could wear this style as well. I like something to hang away from my midsection but still have shape. Very nice!


Yes me too. I always look for flattering silhouettes and styles that don’t require all kinds of special under garments to make them look good. Only requirement for this dress is that I walk and stand straight which is a good incentive to do so!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

The back view is fabulous too, Sylvia. Wonderful find!


Thanks Patti!


Love it and it goes beautifully with your necklace and shoes. Great smile too!



Thanks Kim! Yes, my smile is important. Any photos I don’t smile on I usually look very depressed!

The Style Crone

After I swooned over the dress I noticed the necklace. This outfit is so ‘you’ and looks great from all directions. Brava!


Thanks Judith!


It’s the sleeves that catch my eye on this dress and as always, I admire your eye for draping.


Yes, they are pretty. I like them too! Thanks.


I think this is possibly my first comment on your blog, although I have been following for a while.

That is a really lovely dress, I adore all your Alldressedup pieces. And the necklace is simply stunning.


Lovely to hear from you Sam. So happy to have you as a reader and great that you like this dress!


That dress looks great on you, and the necklace is beautiful and a perfect match! I totally agree with The Style Crone that this outfit is very “you”:)


Thanks Nanne!

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

You look terrific in mustard Sylvia….come visit my blog soon!


Thanks Rebecca!


You are always so effortlessly chic!!!!


Thanks Reva. That is a lovely compliment!


Love the color on you Sylvia! And I agree with commenter above…effortlessly chic! xo


Thanks Susan!

megan, the frugalista diaries

love the shoes sylvia!



Thanks Megan!


I feel bad saying this, especially after so many compliments, but I don’t like the dress at the front. What I do like are the colour (is good on you), the necklace and the shoes.. And I like the dress from the side and the back. But not at the front.


No worries Greetje. Can’t please everyone…


You look great Sylvia, is this one of your Dressing Your Truth Type 3 colours? You look amazing in everything you wear. I guess it’s your great sense of style showing through.
Love it!


Thanks Aileen. Yes it is. It’s the first time ever I wear something completely yellow!


I agree with Greetje, both in what she likes about this dress as in what she does not like.


Ok, thanks for the feedback


I like the style on you. It looks cool for a hot summer day.


It is! Thanks Debbi!


I love this colour on your and the back of the dress is again unexpected and beautiful. You always manage to look so cool and swingy even in that hot climate. How do you do that? Fantastic!


Thanks Melanie!

Bella Q

This is signature Sylvia! Love the flow of the fabric, the pop of color (colors do suit you!) and the casual yet dressed up appeal. I can see you getting loads of mileage from this gem. And that necklace, a lovely coda!


thanks Bella!


Hi Sylvia,
I was wondering if you will follow Dressing Your Truth colour scheme for your Type 3 personality from now on and if you have found the system works for you in design suggestions as well as colour.


I’m aware of my colour scheme, but am not sticking to it 100%. The same with the design suggestions. Although I’m aware of them and will try to incorporate them, it’s not a must.

Heather Fonseca

Oh my gosh GREAT purchase! Love the color and the style on you. What can I say but SCORE!!!


Thanks Heather!


I love the shape of it!

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