My favorite looks from the latest 2013 resort collections

by Sylvia

Best of resort 2013 collections for women over 40

Some designers have showed their newest resort 2013 collections and today I will hightlight some of the best outfits for women over 40 from the collections of Bottega Veneta, DKNY, Chanel, Erdem and Oscar de la Renta. I always like to look at high fashion collections, as they give me inspiration for the season ahead, PLUS they help me to make wise decisions for when I go out shopping during the sales the coming 2 months (can’t wait!). You may also want to check my earlier predictions for the fall 2012 trends or check some other highlights of the fall collections. If you have a good idea of what will be on trend the coming season, you will be better at knowing which shapes and colours to buy. Only if those trends, shapes and colour suit YOU, of course. 

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta resort 2013

Bottega Veneta showed some wonderful pant suits in various colours, but the collection was dominated by black and white. The 2 black and white looks are very elegant for women over 40.


Chanel resort 2013

Although it was fun to look at, I did not see very many wearable pieces at Chanel’s resort collection. The whole collection was also a bit too romantic for me, with too many details and frills and I much preferred Chanel’s earlier Fall collection. The pieces above were the most wearable pieces I could find and even these would be a huge challenge to pull off for many women over 40.


DKNY resort 2013 collection

The DKNY collection was very heavy on black and short skirts. 2 things that are not great for us. Perhaps not surprising as this is the ‘younger’ collection of Donna Karen.  The coloured pieces stood out and the marvellous jumper shown above would suit many a 40+ woman as would the blouse on the left!


Erdem Resort 2013 collection

Erdem had a whole lot more to offer for the over 40 woman. Beautiful dresses at knee length in glorious colours and patterns. Lady chic with just the right amount of quirkiness.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta resort 2013 collection

Oscar de la Renta showed a lot of black and white too and I loved the combination shown above. Dresses and skirts were pretty and the accent was mainly on the waist.

What do you think of these collections?


I did not think I could like any Resort 2013 collection more than the Oscar de la Renta one until I saw Erdem’s. There is not a single thing on that runway I would not wear, including those glorious ankle strap shoes with the chunky heel. LOVE!


Yes, sofar those collections are definitely the best!


Erdem is my favorite. And although I like the Oscar de la Renta dress in the middle, I am always mildly irritated when designers show a neckline that plunging. How many women in the real world could wear that?


You are right Reeda. I certainly have never tried it. I guess you could always adapt the look though by wearing a top underneath. Like a singlet with insown bra support…


Love the Erdem collection! Beautiful dresses! I especially like the colors and patterns they came up with. My pick would half to be the second from the left.


Another vote for Erdem but they deserve it! I agree with your pick. that dress is special and flattering!

Greetje Kamminga

Ohhhh, all these clothes are so lovely. I would like to have at least 50% of them. That is with some alterations, like longer sleeves int the white with green flowers blouse of Oscar de la Renta. Lovely outfit. And the Chanel outfits are my favourites. Especially the right one with the long skirt and white top.


Surprising choice Greetje! I actually quite like the haircut of the Chanel ladies…

Greetje Kamminga

I know it is a surprising choice. My taste is not very consistant. I also very much like the Bottega Veneta outfits. Those are more consistant, aren’t they?


They are certainly more elegant…


Wow…based on the original date of your post, looks like the 2013 resort lines came out almost a year ahead. Does that seem early?

If I spent big money on clothes, I’d go with Bottega Veneta. I’ve always loved their bags (one of these days I’ll take the plunge and get one!), but lately have been noticing how classy their clothing is also. As for the Chanel…UGH! I can’t even come up with words that describe what those outfits look like. Good thing Coco isn’t here to see that! (No offense meant to the Chanel lovers out there.)


Resort is usually shown between the fall and spring shows. So it’s like an extra collection between the 2. No I agree, I don’t think Coco would like these very much at all…

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