My dream list of gifts in red, white, black and mac

by Sylvia

Holiday and christmas gift list full of black, red and white goodies and a bit of apple and canon too!

In the spirit of Beauty & Fashion Friend Friday, I’m going to let my imagination run wild and see what I would wish for…. Truth is, we don’t do much christmas gift giving in our family and keep things nice and simple, which suits me just fine. BUT,  I do LOVE beautiful things so this Friday it’s all about what I like and drool over. You may like a few things too from this list…..

1. I already mentioned the wonderful Tilda clutch before. I’m definitely on the lookout for a nice clutch and really like this one.

2. Apple TV: This is one wish that has a very good chance of being fulfilled, as the whole family desires it. Finally we will be able to watch the movies we want to watch at any time we like!

3. I love to get my hands on a superbly-cut Stella McCartney blazer or suit one day. This black one looks really good!

4. I love Furla handbags and really want a red one. I’m still open to other brands too, but my previous experience with a Furla bag has been really good. This is the  Montmartre Large Hobo Bag.

5. I would love to get some new sunglasses and adore these red Ray Ben Jackie O sunglasses.

6. Another one that is high on my list and that I will fulfill in the new year is this Imac computer with HUGE screen! Yay! I have been an Apple user for 3 years now and will never go back to PC. I desperately need a bigger screen to accomodate my ever decreasing eyesight and to create even more wonderful collages for all of you!

7.  I’m totally in love with the red, black, white combination at the moment and this color block dress from Karen Millen looks very nice indeed.

8. I like to continue to improve my photography and although I’m quite happy with my current lenses, if I improve, I think that this Canon EF 85mm F/1.2L II USM Medium Telephoto Lens would be the ultimate lens for street style photography, so I can take even nicer pictures of beautiful, stylish 40+ women!

9. These fierce red booties from Rock & Republic could be the perfect finish to my black, white and red outfit.

10. Oh and what would make me really happy is a a front row seat at the next fashion show of Prada in Milan (a girl can dream…), Or a seat at Calvin Klein’s show in New York would be wonderful too!

What is on your dream list this year?

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Wow – that Karen Millen dress is awesome! I love the red booties too. They would be perfect with the dress. And you know I want the Tilda clutch but it is sold out in a lot of stores already.
We upgraded my children to MacBooks and they say the same thing – there is no going back to PC! They are getting the new iPhone this Christmas. It will make life easier as colleges have many apps for the iPhone like bus schedules and menus for each cafeteria.
The hubby and I bought a 3D TV to hang on the wall of the game room to watch movies at home so that is our big gift. I hope to find a pale pink (you call it “old pink”) cashmere sweater under the tree. I’ve been good. I’m sure I’m on the Nice List. 🙂


Yes, I love my iphone too. I think that’s been my favorite gadget ever. 3d tv… Interesting!


This ties in with so many of your topics this week I am not sure where to post it. LOL! My husband found a new gym today (his favorite closed before Thanksgiving) and he joined right away. He wants to give me a membership for Christmas. This place has a “Red Light” room. Have you heard about red light therapy? It is suppose to be very good for your skin – it helps collagen to rebuild. I would go for that alone. Here professionals charge $1000s for red light treatments but it is included with the price of membership at this gym. Woo-Hoo! I am excited to try it and will let you know if I think it makes a difference.


I don’t know much about red light therapy, only that my father used to use it for his back aches. Interesting, keep me updated. I really need to go to the gym myself. It’s important to strengthen the muscles over 40 and I really to get on doing that!


Awsome list – I’d love to add some of these things to my dream list as well:) Like you, we keep it fairly down-to-earth when it comes to Christmas gifts in my family, and I prefer it that way:)


I agree. Christmas should be about family and coming together. Not so much about the spending… Still I will have some shopping to do. My boy surely wants a few presents and on top of that it’s his birthday too in the holidays (turning 10 years old already, time flies)

The Style Crone

What a display! Great choices and hoping that all of your dreams for the holiday come true for you. The dress is a stunner!


I think I need to start wishing for snow. I’m going skiing in December and apparently the snowfal is very disappointing in Europe sofar!


My bf asked for something very similar to the apple tv last year for Christmas…I forget what it’s called but it hooks up to the TV and your computer so that you can watch movies off of it I wish I remember the name of it but it was less expensive then Apple. Anyway great list LOVE the clutch bag!


Don’t you just love that clutch bag! I devoted a whole post to it earlier this week… I think Michael Kors should pay me!


hehe love that there is a color scheme 😉 We both put Macs! My parents have AppleTV and I have to say we’re not that impressed with it. I would hold off til Google TV 🙂


I even heard thee may be a newer mac tv on the horizon, but I think we are ready for this one now. We did hear some glowing reviews from friends….


The Apple TV is awesome – you will love it! We use ours all the time!


Great! Thanks for visiting!


Cute wishlist layout! We have Apple TV and it’s pretty nifty – not only does it do Netflix and all, it’ll pick up your music, pictures, and videos from your computer and play them through your TV. It should be a worthwhile gift!


Thanks Laura for your comment. I look forward to discovering all that it can do!

Alex Elizabeth

My list is a dream list, too! The Furla bag is gorgeous, I saw a red Tiffany yesterday and now all I want is a red bag! I’d definitely love a new lens for my camera too.


I think I’m holding out for my red bag until the holidays when a lot of them go on sale, unless of course I get one for christmas 🙂


Great wish list! Love the Apple! Just love that clutch bag…


Everyone seems to love that clutch bag. Perhaps I need to go to the Michael Kors store sooner, rather than later….

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