Mugler Fashion Show Singapore – what you wore!

by Sylvia

Mugler Fashion show Singapore 2012

Yesterday was quite the day. I first attended the Asia Fashion Summit and later on visited the Mugler Fashion Show which was part of the Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore. My plan was to photograph all the fashionable people attending the show, but as it turned out I was offered a seat and watched the whole show inside! It was an evening of hits and misses though. Hits, because I met so many wonderful people from all over the world and got to the see the fabulous fashion of Mugler and misses, because all my footage of the show itself failed. I decided to film it instead of photograph, but due to the wrong setting of my camera, only managed to get blurry footage. The only footage I have is of Nicola Formichetti and Sebastien Piegne walking the runway! Luckily I did manage to get some fabulous shots of people attending the show.

Models before the show

I  had heard before that fashion shows are over before you know it and I certainly experienced that this time. The waiting was pretty long (that seems to be the fashion too with fashion shows) and the show did not start until about 9.15 (instead of the planned 7pm). The models came in quick succession and before long it was over.

Mugler Fashion show Singapore

This lovely lady from France (left) was the only one I personally encountered that wore Mugler!

Beautiful women

Luckily I had more time to photograph some of the models and attendees before the show, so you will all get a flavour of all the fashionable people here in Singapore. The audience was varied and featured men and women of all ages. Photographing in the evening and low light without flash is a challenge too, so not all photos came out right. One of my personal challenges for this coming year is to become better at photography (or buy better lenses!)

streetstyle at Mugler Singapore

audi fashion festival singapore

Lady in white Singapore

before the Mugler Singapore show

Mugler Singapore

Dr Georgia Lee from Singapore

Photographing with flash inside the venue. The lady on the right is doctor to the stars Georgia Lee

It was a fabulous night. Although it goes by so quick, there is nothing quite like experiencing a fashion show live. I hope to be back next year! A big thank you to all who agreed to have their photos taken.

Mugler pre spring 2012

If you like to see the fashion show in its full glory you can watch the photos on the official Audi Festival Facebook page.

Here are the final moments of the show where Nicola Formichetti and Sebastien Piegne walk the runway and forget to pick up their flowers!

Have you ever attended a fashion show? What did you think of attending it live?


1 Greetje

I love fashion shows. Only attended 4 shows. The big venues are over within 15 minutes. The more private ones take longer and are nicer.

2 Sylvia

Yes, it’s definitely a different experience to attend a show from a top designer. It’s very quick but the anticipation is nice and also mingling with everyone and seeing how they are dressed!

3 Heather Fonseca

LookS Like great fun! It does seem that fashion shows run late. I know it’s a complaint here in LA during fashion week. It is fun though, such a spectacle!

4 Sylvia

Yes, people watching is half the fun! As I was taking pictures of everyone I also had a lot of enjoyable conversations. Fashion week was exhausting but very interesting too!

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