More highlighs and dresses from the New York Fall 2012 collections

by Sylvia

Calvin Klein Ready to Wear 2012 fall collection - dresses for women over 40

Although the Spring clothes and collections are hitting our stores now, designers are currently showing their collections for Fall in London fashion week. Last week collections were shown during New York fashion week, which I featured earlier last week. Here are some more highlights for women over 40 from the New York collections.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein’s collection (as seen above) was rather somber, but featured a lot of knee length skirts and dresses, which is great. I especially like the look of that leather shirt. Very chic, yet hip. My prediction is that leather is going to be seen a lot next season, as it was featured in quite a lot of collections. The wonderful orange dress was one of the few exceptions to the otherwise grey and white collection.

Jason Wu

jason wu fall 2012 collection highlights

Jason Wu took his inspiration from Taiwan and China this year. He even incorporated his version of Stella McCartney’s famous slimming dress into his collection.

Carolina Herrera

carolina herrera fall 2012

There was much to like about Carolina Herrera’s collection for women over 40 and it was hard to pick my 2 favorites. Lovely dresses in various colours, with the accent firmly on the waist. I also especially liked her evening gowns. For more of my favorites check out my pinboard.

Diane von Furstenberg

Diane van Furstenberg’s collection was colorful as usual, featuring many prints. I was most attracted though to her one toned dresses and the color blocking ensemble at top left. She  also had quite of few little black dresses that would suit many 40+ women.

Donna Karan

Donna Karan fall 2012 collection best dresses fo women

Donna Karan showed both her DKNY and Donna Karan collections at New York. The DKNY collection was entirely black and featured a lot of leather, something that was seen a lot in New York. Her  Donna Karan collection, however, showed a bit more colour and had a lot of interesting designs. My eye fell on this spectacular dress in a green colour and I love the combination with skirt as well! And the cute hats, of course!

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 collection

Victoria Beckham showed a lot of dresses with her usual lean and lengthening dresses, perfect for petites. Her latest collection is also suitable for 40+ women though as the fabrics are more flexible and the stripes on the tummy area, will draw attention away from any tummy you may have. I could definitely see myself wearing the above.

More favorites at my Fall 2012 Pinterest pinboard.

Did you see any of the New York collections? Which were your favorites?

1 Nanne

I definitely like VB’s collection too, those dresses are fabulous! And that wine velvet dress from Jason Wu is just so beautiful and feminine! I don’t usually go for velvet, but this one really caught my eye.

2 Sylvia

Thanks for your feedback Nanne. I think it’s great that so many of the skirts touch the knees again. Perfect length for women over 40. I love all these dresses!

3 Greetje Kamminga

Want the leather skirt (dream on baby). Discovered PINboard and Pininterest. Never heard of before. The Donna Karan outfits are lovely but a bit too high up at the front for my comfort. She does that more often. I have a blue/silver skirt of her with a split at the front going right up. Solved it by sowing a silver lining shirt into it. Looks as if it was meant to be. Caroline Herrera has the best ones for me, but again with these brands, it will remain a dream. But we never know, cheaper brands might have copied it.

4 Sylvia

I’m showing all these just for inspiration. I realise that most of us cannot buy them, but these collections are used by all the other labels as inspiration as well. So it gives a good idea about trends and styles that are to come. That can come in handy too when picking your clothes for this season. Knowing which trends remain throughout the year will make you take better choices. You’ll start to recognise styles at Zara, for example…

5 Sylvia

Also let me know if you like an invitation for Pinterest; it’s great fun!

6 GreetjeKamminga

I have registered with Pinterest, they mailed me that I am on the waiting list and that they will send me an invitation soon. No idea what Pinterest is. Looks to me like a combination of pinboard for pictures, facebook (likes) and twitter (repin). But I am sure I will figure it out.
By the way, I keep losing what I have typed as a comment when I leave your website for a second to go to a different site which is also open on my iPad. I don’t close yours or such thing; just changing screens/sites.

7 Sylvia

Pinterest is a great way to keep track of all your favorite things. I am sure you will like it! Not sure why that happens but with forms it’s usually better not to leave the page. Perhaps it’s an ipad issue?

8 Suzanne

I loved the Gucci collection that walked in Milan. Wow! The leather pants, tapestry jackets, sheer blouses, print dresses, and long tulle gowns – love, love, love! The colors are very dark but it just works. My favorite of anything I have seen so far for F/W12. That is my fantasy life.

9 Sylvia

Great. Something to look forward to. I will catch up on the shows this weekend…

10 Angel Collins

Great collections and designs, makes the models reveals the beauty.

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