More colorful Style at the 2016 Easter Parade in New York!

by Sylvia

More colorful Style at the 2016 Easter Parade in New York! |

The Easter Parade in New York is always a lively event with all sorts of chic outfits! Here are 16 more magnificent looks and outfits. Enjoy!

1. Easter Rabbit inspired vest

(See photo above)

2. Dandelion costume

Dandelion costume |

3. Matching veil hats

veil hat |

4. Long violet coat

Violet coat |

5. Velvet dress

Velvet green dress |

6. Bold pink coat and flower hats

flower hats |

7. Electric blue hair

blue hair |

8. Turquoise blazer

Turquoise blazer |

9. Colorful outfit accents

Red purse |

10. Hot pink cloche hat

pink hat

11. Shoulder pads with a statement hat

Shoulder pad poncho |

12. Cape coat

cape coat |

13. Floral embellishments

Floral embellishments |

14. Pearl accessories

Pearl accessories |

15. Cozy neutral brown shawls

Brown shawls |

16. Multicolored checkered outfit

Multicolored checkered outfit |

The lovely Dayle (read her style interview here).

Which is your favorite look?


Photography by Denton Taylor


Colour and happiness equals beauty! Gorgeous crowd. Great photos.


Such amazing photos of the creative and playful participants in this year’s Easter parade. Thanks for including me in this fabulous gallery!


Such great, colorful, happy looks! I can’t pick a favorite… 🙂


Oh I loved seeing this. Would it be possible to introduce Easter Parade in The Netherlands? I would so join in. There are too many things I adore in these photos, too many to mention. Fabulous. Denton must have had a field day.

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