More colorful Style at the 2016 Easter Parade in New York!

by Sylvia

More colorful Style at the 2016 Easter Parade in New York! |

The Easter Parade in New York is always a lively event with all sorts of chic outfits! Here are 16 more magnificent looks and outfits. Enjoy!

1. Easter Rabbit inspired vest

(See photo above)

2. Dandelion costume

Dandelion costume |

3. Matching veil hats

veil hat |

4. Long violet coat

Violet coat |

5. Velvet dress

Velvet green dress |

6. Bold pink coat and flower hats

flower hats |

7. Electric blue hair

blue hair |

8. Turquoise blazer

Turquoise blazer |

9. Colorful outfit accents

Red purse |

10. Hot pink cloche hat

pink hat

11. Shoulder pads with a statement hat

Shoulder pad poncho |

12. Cape coat

cape coat |

13. Floral embellishments

Floral embellishments |

14. Pearl accessories

Pearl accessories |

15. Cozy neutral brown shawls

Brown shawls |

16. Multicolored checkered outfit

Multicolored checkered outfit |

The lovely Dayle (read her style interview here).

Which is your favorite look?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Melanie

Colour and happiness equals beauty! Gorgeous crowd. Great photos.

2 Artfulcitystyle

Such amazing photos of the creative and playful participants in this year’s Easter parade. Thanks for including me in this fabulous gallery!

3 Andrea@WellnessNotes

Such great, colorful, happy looks! I can’t pick a favorite… 🙂

4 Greetje

Oh I loved seeing this. Would it be possible to introduce Easter Parade in The Netherlands? I would so join in. There are too many things I adore in these photos, too many to mention. Fabulous. Denton must have had a field day.

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