The mid heeled slingback and why you should get a pair right now! Plus, join the shoe & tell linkup!

by Sylvia

The mid heeled slingback and why you should get a pair right now!  |

2 weeks ago I featured my funky Chie Mihari shoes and uploaded them to Cherie’s Shoe & Tell linkup. They were promptly chosen as her favorite shoes, so here I am co-hosting the linkup this week.

I have decided to dedicate this special shoe article to the block heeled slingback.


Well, because of this shoe.


This Chanel toe capped mid heeled slingback was featured with almost all of their 98 looks at their fall 2015 ready to wear show! Looking amazing every single time.

chanelnudeblackshoeschanelmidheeledslingbacks duotonedmidheelshoes

I think it may just become the shoe of the year. I, for one, would very much like to have them.

Have a look at a few closeup looks from the show sporting these shoes.



Here are a few reasons why I think this shoe is so fabulous:

  • They are very chic.
  • They are still funky too because of the colorblock effect.
  • They go with almost any outfit.
  • They look good with pants, skirts and dresses.
  • They look comfortable and easy to walk in!

If you are like me and like to add some similar shoes to your closet, here is what I found currently available online.

Even more of my favorite shoes (including shoes with arch support) in the 40+Style Shop!

These are the slingbacks I have in my wardrobe right now, so the mid heeled slingback with block heels would be a a welcome addition!

midheeledslingbacks (1 of 1)

I hope you will join the fun Shoe & Tell linkup and show me some of your favorite shoes, the shoes that are on you wish list or an outfit featuring some great shoes! You don’t need to be a blogger to join. Just make sure that you have an image that is somewhere online.

Which shoes are on your wish list at the moment?


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3. Visit other link up blogs. It’s a great way to get to know other style bloggers, as well as their shoes!
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Chanel photos:

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Greetje Kamminga

These kind of heels make me look very mumsy as I have a very low arch. But I will say I am grateful for any lower heel than the ones from the past years. Love your selection. Especially the yellow Geox ones.


Yes I think it’s probably better to get this style in brighter color with a pointer front for a more young and hip look!


I like the Renee Gavrel ones from Zappos (all those black and white stripes), although it has a pointy toe which I hate.

I agree with Greetje that I’m glad to see something other than crazy sky high heels of recent years, but I think slingbacks look kind of grandma-ish. Perhaps not for young models on the runways, but for us mere middle-aged mortals. Your colorful ones work because they are so artful, but I’d be worried about the effect of some of the plainer ones.

Incidentally, employing your shopping strategy. I went shoe shopping with my daughter the other day and we bought two pair that we really needed (to the extent we needed anything) and identified another half-dozen pair each that we are going to keep an eye on for coming sales.


Yes, I think you are right Lisa. I think more colorful would work better for the 40+ woman. How fun that you found quite a few shoes you liked!


I can’t wear sling backs. They don’t stay on my feet.

I also agree with the other ladies that they look a bit old fashioned. Or rather boring. That said, I too cannot wear high heels for a long period of time so I like the lower heel but honestly I don’t find the Channel shoes very attractive. I don’t like the capped toe.



Haha, you’re not the only one Suzanne!


Can I have a pair too 🙂
Very elegant, love the two-tone style and the soft pointed toe. Obviously the block heel is extremely comfortable. I agree with Greetje, there is a little danger of a mumsy look but I think it depends how your pair them. It should be a style mix with an edge in order to avoid that touch.

Annette | Lady of Style


You are right. My motto is usually that the more ‘boring’ the shoe the more exciting and spectacular the outfit and vice versa.

Rita Atkins

I especially love sling backs with a pointy toe and kitten heels, or a slim heel about 2″high. So lady-like! Your cream-colored slingbacks are perfect.


I tend to lean more towards block heels but will probably need to counter balance that with a more pointy toe!

Sabina “OceanblueStyle” B

OMG I love these! Elegant yet cool at the same time. The mid heel gives it a touch of comfort. Thanks for hosting the link up Sylvia. Happy to join. Sabina | Oceanblue Style


It’s going to interesting to see how popular they get 🙂

wendy wellen

Respectfully I have to say these are what we in the south would call “maw maw” Sorry but it’s a big fat no for this 40 something! But party on if you like them – work it girl!


Well Wendy, you are certainly not the only one. Quite a few nay sayers on Facebook too!

Sheela Goh

Alas, this style is not one I’m particularly fond of. Pointy toes, no platform support and heels that do nothing for my vertically challenged stature. I shall live vicariously through you, Sylvia 🙂


Still looking for that perfect pair 🙂 I love some of these in the list but want to try them on in real life…

Sheela Goh

Don’t they just feel ever so pinchy though?


I find them more comfortable than closed shoes as they give my feet more room to move within the shoe and no blisters! I usually size up with pointy toes and my white flat slingbacks especially are super comfortable!

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

Well would you believe it Sylvia – I’ve *just* bought a pair of this exact style from Asos that I’ll be wearing tomorrow to a birthday party! As if the block heel, pointed toe and slingback weren’t enough, they’re also pale pink, sparkly and have a huge crystal embellishment on the top of the toe… I adore them! It’s these ones:

I agree with you that this style is unbelievably flattering and comfortable – and I had no idea it was worn on the Chanel catwalk or that it was ‘the’ shoe of 2015, though I’ve seen them everywhere so it kinda makes sense now!

LOVE your picks, the orange Pollini ones near the top especially!

Catherine x


They are gorgeous Catherine!

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