Me and my friends dressing in STYLE

by Sylvia

Dressing in style

I have some very stylish friends, so I’d like to show them off every now and then!

Stephany is one of my most stylish friends, which is no surprise as she used to run a business as an image consultant for a couple of years. Stephany is always very well groomed and I’m always impressed by her makeup which is flawless. This black dress by Lui Jo suits her body perfectly and I love the detailing on the top. How I wish I would have some of that gorgeous hair too! I noticed how it looked particularly good on this day and she shared her new secret weapon with me. It’s actually a hairdryer that serves as a curler at the same time. May have to try that out…. She is not quite 40 yet, but this dress would look great on many 40+ woman. She told me that it is one of her favorite dresses and that she has owned it for a couple of years already. So unfortunately, no longer available in stores. She now runs a new business in expat coaching.

Black Lui Jo dress

Faithful readers will already know Anja, which has been featured on this site a couple of times. Anja is great in that she is the complete opposite of me in many ways. Lots of makeup, perfectly accessorised and usually a more is more approach in clothing. Not afraid to dress in colour and prints, she looks great in this dress from H & M, Anja’s favorite store, which highlights her fabulous legs. I think this dress is brand new, so may still be available at a store near you! Online, Anja can be found at her website, where she currently shows photos of the recent Thaipusam ceremony. Fascinating!

H & M polkadot dress

And here is little old me again as well, this time in a bright silk top from Alldressedup. If you feel that this top is familiar, then you are right. I actually showed a pink version to you once in my article tops that can be used as basics as well. You will also notice that my skirt is rather short. Something I don’t do so often anymore these days. But I thought it would be fun to wear this skirt to my lunch with Stephany and pair it with my more dressy top. It’s actually a golf skirt from Stella McCartney’s sport collection for Adidas, but I have worn this skirt more in other social occasions. I always think it’s fun to mix a more dressy top with a more casual or sporty skirt (or vice versa) as I did in my article on wearing formal wear more informal. Wearing it with my high red heels made the whole dressy and hip and I think the short mini skirt was ok in this instance.

Dressing in style red alldressedup top

Over to you now! You know that I now offer the opportunitiy to show off your style in my forum right? So for all of you that feel like it, go ahead and do it. No need to worry about the quality of the pictures there; it’s all allowed (except for nudity of course…). Just keep the image under 1mb of size.

I look forward to seeing how you have been dressing in STYLE!

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This is fun, all different and stylish outfits. I need to find a dress like Anja’s for me!


It’s fun to showcase other women as well. We are all so different and unique and it’s great to see everyone’s individual style!


You have the nicest friends! They are very kind to share their style with your readers. Stephany is pretty and polished. Anja is always colorful and confident. She inspires me. And you Sylvia, though this outfit is quite simple, look adorable. That skirt is not too short at all.
I have joined the Forum and am off to explore. Thank you for another awesome way to learn about and share fashion advice. This is my favorite Blog! 🙂


Thanks Suzanne and thank you for joining and contributing to the forum! Almost all my outfits are simple here. You just don’t need much on! Can’t have any fun with wonderful jackets and layers…..


What stylish ladies! So nice of you to profile them.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Greetje Kamminga

All three of you look great. It is funny to see Anja in a photo with the dress she showed me last month. I particularly like your top. Beautiful. Your hair is great in this photo as well. Hope you don’t cut it.


Thanks Greetje. I was thinking of cutting it to perhaps shoulder length, but I still have to go through styles. And then see what mood I’m in tomorrow! Also still undecided about color and if I should go lighter….


Sylvia, you look great as always. I do look at your site quite a lot but never have enough time to reply so I’m saying so now.


Thanks Nancy. I know we all have limited time, but it’s always very nice to hear from you. Hope you will join my new forum as well!


I can’t figure out how to join the forum.


Hi Darlene, when you go to the forum you should see a message at the top of the page “welcome guest, posting in this forum requires registration’. Just click on the registration link and choose your user name. If you can’t see this message, perhaps you will need to click on the link next to ‘welcome guest’ “show/hide header”. Let me know if that works. Alternatively, just send me your desired user name together with your email address and I will send the registration details to you. Thanks!


Hair lenght is good, colour is good, style is good. If you decide what to do with it depending on your mood……. Brrrrr. Dangerous. Suppose you are in a bad mood because somebody in the street, right before the hairdressers door, is nasty to you.


Yes, you’re right. Better get myself prepared. I usually leave it until the last minute….

Heather Fonseca

Your outfit is my favorite, though your friends look great as well. Love that red to with the skirt. I haven’t given up short skirts yet and I really don’t want to do so just yet! Keep inspiring us.

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